I'm addicted to s** and I cheated

I love my husband to death and I don't know what I'd do without him. I've been with him four years today.

Three years ago I cheated on him with four random guys I met online, pure NSA just to get it outta my system... And it was the best s** I've ever had. I didn't even have to rub my c***, one of the guys had a huge c*** and I came once as soon as he stuck it in and four more times just that one time, the other one fingered me So good and I guess discovered that I was a squirter-something my husband doesn't even know.

Truth is, I've been dying to do it again but I can't seem to bring myself to do it out of love and respect for my husband... But the urge just won't stop.

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  • My only problem is leaving your husband out of the loop. Almost every man can be brought into servicing his wife's needs. Especially if you bring a woman or two and let him watch you.
    I love watching my wife in the throws of passion.

  • I think it is very possible to love someone but have needs to be sexual with other people. Not everyone is monogamous. Slowly bring up the idea that you sometimes think about other guys in a sexual way. See how your husband responds...

  • Do you know why people do this? Lack of love for themselves. When you love yourself, then you can truly love your partner, and no matter what size he is, compared to another, he'd be the one you'd want to be with, only. Not that you couldn't get another, but because your love, and sharing that with your husband sexually would always provide full satisfaction. That's the difference between people who really love each other, and a materialistic illusion of love based on what the other does or doesn't do for you.

    I agree, you have to tell your husband. That's the least he deserves from someone he married and has trust in. It is now his right to be able to choose if he were to forgive you, and keep you, or walk away. Even if he were to decide to leave, you have to realize and accept that it is by your actions that gave reason to that choice, and accept it. If you are just wanting to keep on with these flings, then come to realize and be honest that you should not be married, and set him free so he can find someone who truly loves his, and their actions will mirror that love.

  • Test the waters. Tease about thinking some other guy being hot sometime and see how he responds. He very well could be into that and if he is, it'll slowly come out and you can enjoy all that stuff together. If its not looking that way, stop and dont bring it up. You can still keep it a secret. But it's worht a shot, right?

  • Too bad your love and respect for your husband didn't kick in until AFTER you proved what a s*** you are!

  • I did that once... I told my husband about it and he told me about his gay affair... needless to say it didn't end well. My advice to you is to come clean. Be might not be too excited but at least it'll be out in the open and your weight will be lifted. Then again you never know, he might be the type who likes to watch and that's all the better!

  • i find it ridiculous when someone say they "love" but then...
    if you love him than you wouldn't of hurt him, you mainly love yourself
    you need to seperate from your husband so you wont be hurting him as you satisfy your urges
    when he finds out, and he will one day, you will hurt him worst than anyone in his life, he is already ruined

  • It's not about getting caught, it's about abusing someone's trust, and abusing yourself in the process. Why not confess the interlude, and then try to re-invent your s** life together? There are many.. postmodern options on today's liberated 'alternative lifestyle' (read:s winger) market.

  • Apparently you missed the part about the huge c***.

  • So, if I had a 10 inch c***. I could replace the love you have for your husband?

  • If you didn't get caught that time you should be able to get away with it again.

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