My roommate the b****

I'm a horrible person because I'm so f'in p***** at my roommate. She flirts with every guy I show interest in just because she thinks she's better looking than I am. We get along sometimes, but other times we're lucky to still be roommates. I've talked endlessly with my male friends about how I'd get my revenge on her in a perfect world, and my best guy friend keeps trying to convince me to f*** her fiancé. I know he's a horndog so I think if I get him alone I can throw myself at him and get him to respond. I'd love to get a video of him eating my p****, that would be the best comeback ever to show her if I ever wanted to end our friendship.

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  • I guess finding a better Roomie is too easy?


  • no worries. we've all had our little schemes.... personally i want to get back at an ex-friend of mine, who ended up sending naked pics of herself to my hubby for a couple months - i was always so nice to her, and she f***** me over. so now, im going to ruin her f***** life :). good luck with your vengence plan, show her your no one to f*** with

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