Married s*** in skirt

The married s*** at work is in skirt today, showing off her fine lines and ass. All the married guys whom she d*** teases are walking all around with major boners. Hope one of them felt her ass up today. I would rather bend her over the desk, lift her skirt up and shove my throbbing c*** up her s*** butt hole!!

Sep 19, 2011

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  • Me, too; I'd love that!

  • I used to work with one, too..Younger woman, out of grad school, had back-length, curly black hair that women in the building envied. She'd wear tight, sometimes, super-tight, skirts, with equally tight button-down shirts, tucked in, and showing off her marvelous legs and ass. She worked for my company, and her office was next to mine. I spent hours stopping by, and, whenever I passed, waited for her to bend over for the file cabinet or drawers.

    Every time she walked down the hallway, surprisingly...lot of guys were behind her. We were at a company lunch, and she let her guard down briefly. Admitted liked dressing business-sexy, and whoever had a problem with it could go eff off.. I do know of at least twice that a guy grabbed and groped that perfect ass of hers.. No, it wasn't me, sadly. I just remember the story from her.

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