I love you, you stupid s***.

I love you, you stupid s***. It doesn't matter that you're 200 miles away. It doesn't matter that this relationship may as well be doomed. It doesn't matter that every time I get to see you, it's just not enough; it's not fair; it's myself, alone, on the verge of tears, only moments after we've said our inevitable goodbyes. I f****** love you, even if we're hardly even right for each other. And so much of this tears me up inside because I know I'd suffer so much less if I just let you go instead of clinging to the scant few days of dizzying love followed by excruciating emptiness. I'm destroying myself for this. I'm destroying myself and I can't even tell you.

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  • I had a relationship just like that. Give it some time, for me, it took 2 years...

  • Let go. Sounds like a f***** up relationship anyway.

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