I feel gross…it's been that way all my life?

Recently, I looked back upon my childhood fantasies, and I realized they all had something in common. A fetish, that I realized is so scarce, so misunderstood, so unaccepted, that I knew I couldn't talk to ANYONE about it. That fetish? Vorarephilia. Nonfatal and soft for me, and that should tell you just how bad it can be. Now, I've started looking at other people differently, trying to decipher them, trying to see if they were as messed up as I am. For now, I'm keeping to myself, at least until this fancy of mine becomes more well known. That's it I guess.

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  • I'm the poster. Hi. Yeah, uh I have no idea how to put this fetish into sexual life. But about the childhood signs, well, that I can sorta explain. When I was younger, like some other kids, I could have fun with any dolls or toys and instead make little 'Stories' in my head, with unique little characters. Well, as I said, most of them involved either me swallowing tiny people as a giantess or being swallowed by other things. And by soft, I mean no fantasies involving chrewing, blood, gore, cutting, cooking, etc. And by nonfatal I prefer the idea of no digestion. Vore is basically one of the hardest fetishes to carry out, and it mostly involves imagination, illustrations, and stories. So, I hoped this helped a little.

  • I must admit, that's very interesting. Something I would like to learn more about! And I think you're doing it smart, observing other people.

  • I looked up Vorarephilia and all I have to say is, Wow! I'm not knocking you in any way. Everyone has their own turn-ons, some are rare, weird, shocking, gross, normal, somewhat boring, etc. Yours, well, is definitely abnormal and I find all abnormal things in lifeinteresting. If I'm reading correctly, Vorarephilia is being sexually turned-on by the idea of being eaten, swallowed, and possibly digested. It is pretty much deemed almost impossible to achieve in real-life because it's not the process of you eating someone else, it's the process of someone else eating you. Am I right? I'm interested in this fetish now. I guess you could just say that I'm curious. I'm not trying to be nosy and of course I'm not going to be offended if you don't respond (obviously, it's not like you owe any explanations), but I am just curious on how you would go about incorporating this fetish into your s** life if you actually could. And if I'm understanding correctly, you said you had this sexual fetish as a child? I find that strange, but h***, there's a lot of s*** in this world. Have you ever thought of ways that act your fetish out? I get what you mean when you say yours is "non-fatal," but what do you mean by "soft?" In any case, thank you for your post because I learned something new today that I might otherwise have never come across.

  • Wow, your post was extremely pleasurable to read! I thought it flowed very well!

  • Oh just bite me.

    vorarephilia - a sexual fetish where arousal occurs by the thought of being eaten, eating somebody else or observing this process

    just posted this so others would not have to look it up either as I had not heard of it

    fava beans and a nice chianti perhaps?

    yes that sounds a little unusual hopefully you can find something else that floats your boat

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