Transsexual bullshit, pt2

Sometimes I have a dream where another man is holding me, stroking my hair and telling me everything is going to be alright. His arms are strong, and so are mine but he is stronger than me. When I wake up I can feel my flat chest underneith my b****** and I feel a c*** between my legs like a phantom limb, and I remember that no man will ever hold me like that, and if he did we wouldn't fit together like puzzle pieces because I'm a girl not a real boy and if a man did hold me it would be so strange and disgusting and sometimes kinky but mostly disturbing. Whenever a man hugs me around the waist I feel like it should be slimmer and we should fit together like we're the same.

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  • I think you have angst overload. I am sympathetic to that, though. It sounds like you are still very confused.

    I do have to say, though, I got sort of turned on reading what you wrote. Twisted? Maybe. But I envisioned this guy with a secret that is revealed when we are in bed. So hot.

    But good luck to you.

  • You think I'm hot but you think it's digusting that you think I'm hot, and you probably think I'm digusting by extention and I'm tired of feeling digusting. You're not exactly the man of my dreams. That's why he's the man of my dreams; he exists only in my dreams. That is, among other reasons, why I have angst. I'll survive. I'm lucky I have a place to live and access to hormones.

  • No, I don't think it's disgusting that I think you're hot. I just feel guilty because I got turned on despite your heart-felt confession. I didn't feel like you wanted someone perving on you is all.

    But yeah, I would love to f*** you in so many ways.

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