My ex is a f****** dumb ass

I dated a guy for like about 5 months, and well we've been broken up for about 2 and a half months now and I dated another guy,for about 3 days, and broke up wit him about a week ago, because I didn't want to be single and then having to see my ex with some other ugly s****.... I really regret doing that to him, because he was really nice, and cool, I thought I liked him at first, but then my friend helped me come to my senses that I was only using him, and that he deserved someone who liked him for real and that I had to break up with him. I feel awful for doing that to him, and well although I don't think my ex dated anyone else, seeing him flirt with other girls, and hearing how he gets turned on from checking out other girls, still bothered me alot! But now IDGAF about him doing those kind of things anymore. I don't hate him, and I think I'm over him, but I'm still scared to go up to him. One day he came over, to confirm that we were broken up and that we weren't gonna get back toghether, because I first told him that I wanted a break, until we went back to school. But he just wanted to end things. Well we were hanging out that day like regular friends, and I joked about doing drugs. But my ex is so f****** retarded that he believed it. And now hes been telling people at school that I do ecstasy, but it's not true, I was just kidding! And i really want to tell confront him on that, but I get feel really shy whenever I go up to him. Plus he has my sweater, and I want it back but I'm too much if a p**** to go up to him... :/
Will someone please give me some advice so I can over come that?

Sep 24, 2011

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