He is going to be p*****

I went to a party last night. My boyfriend was supposed to meet me there but his mom didn't let him go. I met an older guy there, and the thing about it is, he's black. We were talking and one thing led to another. We went into a bedroom and I let him f*** me. I'm sure my boyfriend is going to find out and he is going to be p*****.

The thing is, I don't know if I even want to stay with him. Last night, I felt things I have never felt before. It was amazing.

I'm just confused, I guess.

Sep 24, 2011

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  • Wow. It doesn't really sound like you'll mean much to the Black man. So I hope you weren't thinking of leaving your Bf for that guy.. cause sorry to say it but you really played yourself. You showed that you really can't be trusted and that you can be loose with strangers. Now if what your saying is that this new experience brought on feelings of you being unsatisfied in your relationship then i feel like its only right for you to leave.

  • He IS going to be p*****. he should be, because you are a w****.

  • hahahahaha You must have been dumped in favor of a black guy...probably more than once...needledick

    - Squadfather

  • You've done the right thing. It's something you will enjoy more and more. Ditch your old boyfriend and embrace your new experience.

  • I have gotten together with him twice more. My boyfriend broke up with me but I don't care. No one has ever made me feel things this man is making me feel.

  • Maybe you have a very loose virginal hole and you could not satisfy your boyfriend but like one of the replies says it all you a w**** and can never be trusted disgusting

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