Friends wife b******

My friends wife saw me driving home from the train station and texted me that she was going to the gym and i should stop by. I thought it was a little weird of her. Why should I stop by I said to myself. I went over and she's in her car in front of the boxing place and she says what's up come in I still have 20 minutes. We start talking about her kids and my buddy. she's wearing tight spandex with a shirt over it and I always wanted to f*** her. She has this little petite body and a small little face and this tiny little mouth. We look at each other and she starts giggling and we started making out. I get rock hard and pull out my p****. She's says OMG! I can't even get my hand around that thing. My d*** at this point is throbbing and i grab her by the hair and push her down and it was the hottest sexual experience of my life. Her little mouth stretched over my c*** with burgundy lipstick all over the shaft. She could only get the head in her mouth because its so small. Then i start fingering her through her tights she stars moaning than i shoot a thick load all over her upper lip on her black tights on the steering wheel We were both very nervous and kept saying i can't believe what just happened. She walked into the gym with my c** on her tights. I feel terrible and have not had a good night sleep since this happened 6 months ago.

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  • You haven't had a good night's sleep since 6 months ago because you're f****** her every night now ?

  • haha

  • Fake...

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