My best friends boyfriend (Who I will call Bob, to make everything easier) raped me on August 6. Him and my best friend were spending the night at my house, with my husband and son. My BFF forgot her cell phone charger at her house and told Bob to go get it and he wanted her to go with him and she said no, so he took me instead. I didn't mind and it was nothing weird at all. Bob and I hung out a lot too. He was my friend too. And it gave me time from my two year old. I followed him up the stairs since his parents were home (they both live with his parents...) But I stayed at the top of the stairs. I went no further. But he pulled me in. And pushed me onto the bed. He said he wanted to have s**, I said no. He asked if he could please just put the head in, I said no. He took my pants off and I kinda fought that, but once they were off, I froze. He begged to just put the head in and I still said no. All I could do was say no. He did it anyway, of course. And he kept saying he wanted to go all the way in (no!) just three times, (No!) but he did anyway, but he only, um, "pumped" three times, then he pulled out and I got dressed quickly. He, um, "finished himself". I told him he raped me and he apologized. He said sorry so many times I wanted to throw up. He brought me back to my house and I never told anyone. The next night though, Bob and my BFF got into a fight and he broke up with her so she moved into my house. They didn't speak for a month or a little over, but then she found out she was 8 weeks pregnant. His, of course. So she is giving him a second chance. I asked Bob if he plans on telling her and he said yes, he plans on telling her we had s**. I told him it was rape. He was going to tell her we had s**. S**! So I just begged him not to tell her. He said he wouldn't, but now I have to deal with him being here and her seeing him since she still lives here. She doesn't want to leave here and move back in with his evil mom. But I get sick to my stomach when I think of him....but I don't know if it was really rape. I didn't fight him off. All I said was no. And he thinks it was s**. And I don't want her kid to know that his/her father was a rapist. I feel horrible, guilty. It was my fault. I should of fought him off or something, but I didn't want to hurt him. I don't know whats wrong with me. So I still haven't told my husband. But everyday, I want to more and more, but I want my best friend happy. Even if it is with him. So the only reason I am even writing this is so I have "someone" to tell. Sorry....

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  • Sorry for these a*******, OP. What he did was rape; You said no and he did it anyway. It doesn't matter that you didn't fight back, you did not give consent for intercourse, that is rape. At the least, speak to counselor or a rape crisis hotline, they can give you better advice than we can. Don't be ashamed that you've kept it a secret; Any understanding person will forgive you.


  • Do not accuse yourself. What happened was almost nothing in the real life. It was s** or rape only in the theorethic life (e.g. at court, or medical office, etc). Forget it as we all forget the not so important moments of the life.

  • Okay what p***** me off about this story is that you seem to care mostly about your "BFF".
    What about your husband and child? Your husband is suppose to be your other BFF and more importantly.. your husband, the man that you married and is suppose to be with you forever.
    You need to think about his feelings, and the others involved as well. They need to know the TRUTH!
    This j*** will go around raping others as long as you let him be free. The truth will always come out, but the longer you wait, the worst it will become. You are letting your friend and everyone else living a lie. Things will only get better if you put a stop to it.

  • So, I'm a little confused. I've been raped, so I know how bad it is, so if you really were then I'm very sorry, but there are parts of your story that don't make sense. Like the fact that his parents were home but he pulled you in and pushed you onto the bed. Did they not see this happening?? Also the fact that you're married with a child and you say "BFF". I've never heard anyone over the age of 14 say that. How old were you when you got married and pregnant? The whole story about him asking you if he can just put the head in doesn't add up. If he forcefully pulled you in and pushed you onto the bed then I'm thinking he wouldn't politely ask if he could just put the head in...

  • you should tell your friend. who knows g\how many other women he has or will rape. you should also tell your husband he is there to support you through thick or thin. he'll probably be very mad but not at you. if you froze up but you were still saying no, then its still clear you weren't interested and he did rape you.

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