I have o****** from belly abuse

I enjoy receiving pain in my belly. Im 5'5, average built, with a soft belly. I enjoy being punched, probed, and any type of belly abuse. My favorite is ehen Im wearing an extremly tight belt and some sits in my lower belly where my intestines are bulging or being punched while wearing the tight nelt in my lower belly. My favorite time is when my intestines begin to gurhle someone press extremly hard where the gurgles are and I feel my insides moving from under their hands. I know its strange, but I love the o****** I get from the pain.

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  • Belly discipline is the more correct word, not abuse. Tight belts and corsets do not injure the internal or digestive organs! A victorian woman once corseted to only 11 inches with very little discomfort, and another teenage girl could wear a 9 inch corset for short periods. There has never been any real medical evidence that even the tightest belts are harmful. If you enjoy pushing on your belted belly or having friends press in your abdomen, that should not be a problem, provided you have not just eaten!

  • I do not think your tight belts and belly punching are in any way abnormal. Likely you just like the internal sensations.

  • I want to punch and sink my fist deep into your lower gut, smashing your intestines till you can't take anymore! Where do you live?

  • I love sit crush your stomach

  • Where do you like to be punched in the stomach?

  • I'm a women and i like to have my stomach punched. I like getting punched right in the middle right in my navel. I like having my navel pressed in hard. But it's hard how do u ask a guy to punch u right in your navel and push down in your navel. I do feel all along cause I can't tell anybody I like getting punched in the middle of my stomach. I don't want to b judge by people or talked about. I don't think it's wrong if i like having my stomach punched by someone sometimes. If i'm asking u to punch my stomach push down in my navel.

  • I wish I could find a woman to discretely share this fetish with in the South Texas area ;)

  • Absolutely honest

  • Yeah you are right

  • Hi, I would love to punch you in the stomach, also I would love you to punch me in the stomach, xx dazz

  • I have the exact opposite situation. i am a man, and like to punch woman on the stomach. but i never hurt a woman before and would never do that if she does not like it. my case is even worse, i am a man and should not punch a woman. so i just swallow this fetish until now and never talk about it.

  • I love the thought of belly gurgles, but never knew you can feel someones intestines that easy. Im curious what does it feel like. I woukd like to try it.

  • Would you let anyone pound your guts? Have you ever been hospitalized? This is really weird, but for some odd reason the thought of pressing in a womans stomach turns me on.

  • I would let anyone pound my guts. I love it, so I dont care if Im hospitalized, I just want the pain.

  • So when you are wearing the tight belt it help move or compress your guts, where its easier to feel them. I bet it hurt horribly, really knowing your intestines dont have room to move. Do you ever p*** blood?

  • Never pooped blood, now thats a challenge. Yes it hurts so good

  • I think this is hot! I would love to press in your belly. Does your belly gurgle loud and can the person pressing in you feel your intestines moving? We should hook up

  • Yes the person should be able to feel my intestines if I can feel them moving. And my belly gurgles extremely loud. It is great.

  • I dont understand why this is so erotic to me. I usually have the guy Ive been seeing do these things. He didnt want to in the beginning, I guess hr grew to enjoy it, because I make sure to please him as well. I enjoy the pain/pleasure thing. It feels great!8

  • Thats because you are putting pressure near your G spot. If your boy friend massaged your lower belly between your navel and pubic bone with his fist you might have an o*****.
    I completely understand this. I have done it to a couple of women I had relationships with and they both loved it.

  • Oooooh. I like this especially when you massage my stomach really hard with my arms over my head. Pushing hard deep in my stomach!

  • Hmmm... Interesting. lol.

    I just dont understand the logic behind getting a sexual o***** from physical abuse to your stomach, or anywhere for that matter.

    This just makes MY stomach turn!

    "someone press extremly hard where the gurgles are and I feel my insides moving from under their hands"

    Blahh!!! ... Who do you have punching you in the belly anyways, lol?

  • Yes Im attractive! 5'5, 135lbs, long brown hair, brown eyes, golden skin, 34dd, 28, 36 so Im pretty easy on the eyes.

  • Well are you hot at least? Dont be modest either. Because that effects my opinion...

  • I understand, thanks for commenting.

  • Well... This is different.

    Not attractive what-so-ever... But different for sure.

  • I really dont know what to do about this.

  • So how does one find you or get in touch with you

  • Yes

  • You should try it some time. I did. I liked it.

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