I want to f*** my best friend and i'm not sure i love my boyfriend anymore

For the past 3 years i've been happily living with my boyfriend, whom i met online about 5 years ago. we moved in together after meeting up and all has been mostly well since then. Lately though i've been a little unsure of how i feel about him and how long i can keep myself with my boyfriend, whom i really care about, but am starting to lose sight of the deep love i originally had for him. its all very confusing to me, as he's the first real love i've had. but now i'm like, it feels like i'm just living with a guy i happen to share a bed with eat with, f*** with, and kiss alot. i care about him alot but, sometimes i worry the loves not there anymore.
But lately i've found myself feeling attracted to another friend of mine online, whom lives very close by me. theres just something about him i really like and want, and ever since i saw pictures of his face i've been fantasizing about him sexually. and its all i can think about. i really want to like,meetup and hang out with him sometime as friends, but i'm afraid all i could do would be stare at him and check him out.
I am sort of mean to him to hide the fact i like him this way, similar to how young children would bully they're crush.
Do i admit to him i want him? should i just forget about it and just enjoy what i have with my boyfriend?


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  • I will be illuminati and do anything to win $500 million. for sure. I will be good !

  • DO NOT SETTLE for the easy relationship if it no longer feels right!!!!!!! Set up a date with this new guy, and, maybe not the first time, but soon, have s** with him. I think you'll hit it off, and then leave your current bf.

  • W**** w**** w**** w****
    girls like you that dont know s*** bout love and just cheats on ur partner b**** ass w****

  • Get offline

  • Keep blowing..!

  • I'd say go and meet him. Don't do anything rash, and listen to your heart, not ure head

  • You should meet this guy, just so you can see him for real and put your mind at ease. Chances are he's not as great as you think... he could be lying about all sorts of s***. Don't throw away what sounds like a decent relationship for someone you've never met.
    Spend some more time with your boyfriend. I know you're constantly in each other's faces since you're sharing a house, but it doesn't really sound like you're bonding any more. Go for walks or picnics or have a date night or something and just forget about this other guy.

  • Wtf so he's your friend online??/ Omg get a f***** real life outside of the internet. Wow what a loser. Your pathetic your fantasizing over a a damn picture of someone you've never met. Get to know someone on the internet is not getting to know them at all. People re-invent them selves online because nobody really knows the real them. Wow FYL.

  • You should at least f*** this new friend to see if he's worth pursuing further.

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