E********** in semi-public places

I absolutely love masturbating and e********** in semi-public places. The rush of doing something risky turns me on. I'm 27yrs old and I've been doing it since probably 2002 and have never been caught (although there are a few times I've come close, but I purposely was being less careful for an extra intense o*****). I go to college and have sprayed my load on girl's doors and door handles in the middle of the night as well as in classrooms, libraries and auditoriums. I've also gone into parks and open fields at night to get off and even have walked out in the middle of an empty intersection at at 3am and spilled a load. At school, I always leave my c** on a desk, door or anywhere where it is guaranteed to be seen. Sometimes I've done it in rooms where I knew a club meeting or class would meet just tens of minutes later, leaving my c**, walking out and forgetting about it. I love knowing that my s**** will be seen by people and I even enjoy going back to the scene hours later and seeing the dried stain left behind. My current girlfriend doesn't know about my pervy fun. I record and post my adventures on an amateur s** website anonymously for the whole internet world to see. I love f****** her and she gives me most of my pleasure, but the rush of j********** somewhere people one could catch me and where they'll see the mess I left behind is a fetish I so enjoy satisfying.

Oct 8, 2011

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  • I'm a woman and I do the same. I go places where I'm hoping to have someone catch me. I open my dress and I'll pinch my nipples and finger my p****. When I'm close to c****** I'll take off my panties and if I feel like I can get away with it, I'll take off all my clothes and finger myself until I c** on the bench or chair or whatever I'm sitting or laying on. I've had truckers see me before and it makes me c** even harder. I've done it in parks, on benches outside shopping centers, in restrooms, in men's rooms, truckers stops and highway rest stops. Sometimes I just have to be in my car in a parking lot or garage because there's no place to get out but then I make sure to find a busy parking lot or garage. In my car, I love it when people walk by and see me.

  • Wow, that's pretty f****** twisted. Kids could find your c** too. That's pretty distasteful to think about.

  • What's the website called?

  • Have you ever left a load in somebody's bubble bath?

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