S** with girlfriend's aunt

I went to visit my girlfriend's aunt while her hubby was away.She had me sleep in a bedroom adjascent to hers and her in-law was also spending a nite in the house.The inlwaw left the next morning at 6am for work.The aunt called her hubby and that woke me up.
When she was done with the conversation,I asked her to come into my bed to bring me warmth coz it was cold.She said no several times and I insisted and begged.Then she told me to come to her bed.
When I got under the covers,she was wearing nothing but underwear.I cuddled with her and started talking to her.Then I started sucking her nipples and caressing her tiny b****** and somehow she started asking "what are we doing"?.I said nothing bad.
I wanted to have real intercourse with her but she begged me not to put it in.I decided not to coz I thought if I go back to my room to get a condom she will change her mind.So I humped her between the legs and came all over her tummy.
Then she took my hand and put it on her p****.I fingered her till she came so violently.Almost right away,she got out of bed and went to run morning farm chores.
She begged me not to say anything to anybody coz she did not want to ruin her marriage.Sometimes later,she let me caress her inner thighs while we were in a long distance bus to another city.We live in two separate countries and I talk with her.I just broke up with her niece, by marriage and not sure if I will ever do her aunt fully for sure.
I hope her niece an uncle(hubby) never know what we did.

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  • That's forbidden in religion.fear GOD

  • I wouldnt care about them knowing think only of ur c***

  • Weak

  • F*** yeah, I would f*** the s*** out of friends mums but if it all went wrong then I would be the biggest d*** and life would be s*** ha .

  • Me wanna a root after reading this.

  • im h****....
    yes i can see my erect d*** after reading this...

    lucky you...

  • You must j******* to anything that was a weak shortie

  • Thanks but I would have been much luckier had I put my d*** inside her:)

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