S** = S** Addiction & Priaprism?

Please exscuse the dorky title, i developed a love for The Big Bang Theory recently... my favorite characters are Sheldon, Lenord and Penny!

my boy friend and i recently lost our virginities to eachother (it was great! °W°)

but ever since then he's been getting random erections that last for hours (the longest lasted 2 1/2 hours). i came across Priaprism (i don't know about the spelling, you look it up). i think he might have it. that aside, inotice that i have an even higher libido than before and my boyfriend says he feels the same thing.

he feard that us having s** would make us into s** addicts. i think he's right...

today we even had s** in the bathtub so maybe i could make his 2 hour erction go away... he cummed 3 times... he's very sensitive and gets turned-on pretty easily from what i can tell...

does anyone have the algorythm to solve this dilema? (crap, i'm starting to sound like Sheldon!)


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  • Seems like you are going thru some changes that most kids experience between 8 and 13 usually. But i find saving your s** to make it special with a special person very sweet. Aalthough i just could not f*** early enuf or often enuf. I have had erections up to 5 hours long and im ok. But i was doing meth back then and it made me a superfreak. I could f*** and eat p**** for hours. And c** about once an hour. Your bf will be fine. And i sure wouldike to taste your flowing juices. Next time u guys go to the s** store, you should make him wear white spandex compression shorts. It spices things up and he gets confidence. I exhibit all the time. Sure would like to taste you!!!!

  • if you get tired of your boyfriend, give him my number ! :p

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