In love with a w****

We used to be in love, we used to be so passionate. You were my first kiss, my first love. We were each other's other half. And then I broke up with you because your BEST FRIEND told me lies about you. I was stupid to believe him. I dated him for a while, as well as other guys. And then, we started to date again, you cheated on me with a girl I'd never even met. And then you did it again with another girl, who knows what other girls you'd been with. Then, we didn't talk for a while. I got a boyfriend that I'd only be with for 2 months, while you were with MY BEST FRIEND for a few months. She had s** with a (I don't even know how many) guy(s). You broke up with her. And then we started to talk again. Now you're back with her, probably f****** your life away (even thought we've promised our virginities to each other) and I'm suicidal. You've done so many things that I HATE since we broke our love the first time. Why are you doing this to me? I've done horrible things to myself and you don't care. It hurts, baby. It really does.

But, I still love you.

Oct 12, 2011

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  • Why let this obviously screwed up relationship haunt you? Your attempts to keep it alive by threatening or doing harm to yourself will not fix this. You need to get away from that and wait for something that can make you happy. One failure after another and you want more? Do yourself a favor.

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