Hose D****

Im female, 25 years old. Big b**** and a big ass, green eyes and long blond hair. My boyfriend bought a huge horse d**** before we were together. I have taken it out often and I never could imagine how I could ever put something that big inside me, but I wanted to try. So we watched a couple videos of women with horses. I was so wet, the antisipation was killing me. He liked my c*** and put two fingers inside me. Then three, then four. I came over and over again. He handed me the d****, and I began slowly sliding it inside me. It was AMAZING!!!! It hurt so good i thought I was going to die! I came 17 times. Now I think Im looking for a horse, anybody got one to loan me? They can watch, lol.

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  • Phony post by some dood

  • The word is Dude and I assure you I am not a "dude".

  • people have horses where I live., I've seen them out in the field, "hanging out" sometimes, lol.

  • that is so hot!

  • you are a straight up FREAK............weirdo

  • Neigh.

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