L*** with my SIL

For the past few years I had l*** with my wife's sisters and i told my wife I had a crush on her sister because she has a big ass.
I masturbated some time thinking about her more over I eventually came to know that my SIL also likes me and secretly stared at me sometime.
All this year I control my act towards her but day by day my l*** taken control of me.
Hence I decided to put a stop to my dark desire.
I started to hate them, try to turn my l*** into hate red so I can save my soul and my marriage.
Now I can feel the difference I no longer thinking sexy about my SIL.
My wife is really understands me how I struggle not to betray my wife.
But sometime I think am I doing the right thing because I hate them and talk about their silly mistakes just to help my soul not to commit sin but I feel it's wrong to judge and hate someone for our own welfare.

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  • My SIL is a deceptive, trap setting, evil has been and will find herself in a real bad way soon, but prob best cause otherwise she will end up a lonely old spinster cause she f**** up everyones life to satisfy her sadistic l***, sad too cause the one who loved her for "who she was" was fooled because that person was only a mask she wore to trap her prey. Found out there was NOTHING GOOD inside her, only a fading star and hollow grave

  • Go for it, its ur soul not necessarilly ur mind. pick her up by her ass pound it then chew er out and then dont ever do it again.

  • You are right to stay from that big luscious ass. All that can lead to is you slowly pulling down her panties and having it exposed in all its glory for your inspection.

    Then, as you caress its roundness you feel the blush of wetness coming from the other side. You then find that big, juicy ass bouncing up and down on your hard c***.

    It makes it even worse that she wants to share all that with you. To have you naked as she shows you what that ass can do. My condolences for your predicament.

  • same problem here, my sis-in-law is 10 years younger, bigger t*** and ass and i am afraid one day if we are alone i am gonna try something with her

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