I think about s** or f****** all the

I think about s** or f****** all the time..I want to c** all the time..I am married and have s** about every 2 days with my wife but I want to f*** everyday...I j*** off on the nights that we dont f*** but she dosent know about it..I love to watch my d*** inside her..and the o***** is the best ...why does it feel so good to c**?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • No words.


  • Yes, props on marital fidelity! I would just recommend that you keep balance, if not already. What I mean is, you don't want to become so obsessed with s** that you forget what it means to love other things like a job well done (not just s** well done!), friendship (not just for the sake of s**), helping others (not just to help them help you have an o*****), and making this world a better place.

  • thank you for saying you love f****** your wife and not your 20 yr old mistress. refreshing change of pace, and a total turn on!!!

  • i agree with the reply above me! nice for a change.

  • It's nice to hear about guys who like f****** their wives instead of everyone else for a change.

  • A man after my own heart. Dude I totally agree. Even down to the point of seeing my d*** in my wife. That turns me on to the fullest. And who cares why it feels so good. Lets just keep doing it. LOL


  • Wow, I would sure love to meet you sweetie. I have a similar problem.

  • Anytime is a good time.......right now works for me

  • ^^^^ Thats the best time to have s**. Shower s** please! (low mess)

  • Hot hot hot confession. Thanx a lot, dude, for making me wanna f*** when I'm cramped out and on my period.

  • I bet you work out a lot.

  • Because if it didn't feel so good, nobody would f***, and we wouldn't be making babies and the world wouldn't be populated. Duh!

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