I Wanna start having s** should i?

Okay this might sound weird... but i dont know. i am elleven and i wanna have s** but i dont know that i should because my friend whos fourteen has tried to get me to have s** with him for two years now and i think in should just to please him and he is pretty SEXY and i think i want to but i am not sure about it but if you have any suggestions to what you would do please help!

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  • The three comments under mine are the most intelligent comments and I agree, however I would suggest that you experiment with the idea of an older man instead of a boy, a mature man(I'm not talking about a 20 something year old boy)is more romantic, gentle, caring, sympathtic, understanding and conciderate about your needs, desires and health then any boy would ever be, all boys want is to get their rock off they don't really want to connect with you in the deep way that you want but a man wants to plesae his partner in every way as well as get his rocks off and he is more likely to want a connection like you...

  • Are you serious!!? She's eleven years old! A child.I know some eleven year olds are mature and more physically developed,than other peers.But eleven,is eleven! An eleven and twenty year old having s**,is paedophilia!

  • Make sure you know about everything. Know about STD's, pregnancy, abortion, birth control, condoms I mean the works! Maybe even tell your family about wanting to have s**. Its good to way all the pros and cons.

  • It is natural to start having sexual urges even as early as your age. S**, when practiced safely, is fun and not a bad thing at all. The problem is at age 11 it is very difficult to practice safe s** because kids will lie about their conditions or not fully know what they are doing and think more about themselves than their partners, so it is very risky. Plus your body may not be fully ready yet and you could hurt yourself. Even if you do end up safe, you could end up deeply regretting it later because you may decide you want to wait as you get older.

    Tell your friend you would like to wait until you are both older. I don't think there is anything wrong with having s** once your body starts having sexual urges, but it's important to make sure you are safe. Sadly, s** is stigmatized and no one will be able to help make sure you are safe, so there's nothing you can do but wait.

    You can always m********* and think about your friend or other people you find attractive. Masturbation is safe, natural, and healthy. Plus it can work like "practice" for s**.

  • if you have s** make sure you use protection, a condom. but just realize that no s** is truly safe. be careful with your body. once you get an std, it is no fun and some will be with you for life, like herpes.

    you have no business having s** with anyone until you read all the risks about std's and birth control.

  • you are just a minor
    dont mess it up so young.....
    dont have s** wait for the right time or atleast right age

  • dont from my experience im 14 and i like this girl a whole lot.. my other friends have asked if we want to do it but i rejected them all. im waiting on the girl i like you have anyone like that??

  • Hav s** with him or u will die slutty w**** with a blue waffle cone

  • You have your whole life ahead of you. Don't mess it up by having s** with this guy. If you absolutley have to, try masturbation.

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