The s** is not as good as with my ex

I divorced him then married you. My ex abused me so I left him. The s** we had was off the hizzy. Since he is the only man I ever had s** with, I got used to having "p****" s**. Now you, my new husband, is like a robot. Only missionary. Why do you feel you have-to concentrate so much? Why can't you just let go and enjoy yourself? Your d**k is beautiful. Why won't you let me give you a bj? What is going on here? I am feeling sexually fustrated but so happy to get it at all when you have s** with me. Where is the passion? Where is the kissing? Oh, thanks for going down on me - at least you like to do that? Or, is that what you need to do to get an erection cause it seems so. I understand you had an issue with getting the erection but now you are taking Cialis to fix that issue. I love you so much but I miss s** with my ex.

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  • "Off the hizzy" ??? Never heard that expression before.

  • Talk it out with him, silly w****.

  • Better nip this one now. Teach this guy how to f*** or you're stuck with weak s** the rest of the time you're together.

  • closet homosexual?

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