Sorry for this s***

My grandma is in a hospital dying and I won't visit her because I'm atheist and she plus the rest of my family are extremely christian. While I'm open about my acceptance of reality, I just can't insult the woman on her death bed.

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  • Your are not an atheist, you are a f****** troll trying to discredit atheists.
    There is no reason an atheist would not wish to visit a dying relative. They would have more reason to do so than a Christian, because they know that death is literally the end, and consequently the last chance to say good bye.

  • thats ur grandmother how petty r u

  • Thats ok we won't she won't miss you either when you die.

  • You can always visit her to say I love you and avoid the topic of religion. If they bring up the subject, not just in reference to your grandma but in your face just say I only came to show you how I love you and skip over the topic. It may bring her great comfort to see you and know you care, you may regret not seeing her once she is gone. I would not miss this opportunity if you actually care about her.

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