Feeling like s***...

G****** do I feel awful. Okay, so a bit of backstory - I'm 21, but this story takes place when I was about 18 - going on 19.

I was at I guess what you would call college (TAFE in Australia, not really college, not really school.) and so there was a bit of a mix of age groups. Hanging out on the train with some friends going somewhere, and the 16 year old (Going on 17, but nearer to the end of the year than I) wanted to play truth or dare. We all thought it was pretty juvenile, but humored her (We were all around that 16-18 age).

Anyway, she was "dared" to kiss the nearest person or something, and that happened to me, so we had a peck on the lips. That was it. Nothing more to it, nothing less. Not even sure if I found her attractive, and she is a lesbian so I'm pretty sure she didn't find me attractive either, it really was just a whatever thing.

But I feel like I've done something horribly wrong. It was years ago anyway so I can't exactly change it, but I feel like absolute s*** about it. (The age of consent here is 16, by the way. And I know we didn't have s**, but still...)

I know for sure I'd never go near anyone younger than 20 now, I'm definitely not attracted to younger girls - never have been, really. But this is keeping me up at night.

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  • Oh-oh, r***** alert!

  • fake as f***

  • Give me a break - a 16 year old gave an 18 year old a peck as a joke. Have you read some of the crap on hear? You have done nothing.

  • Get some sleep we all have regrets, it was only a kiss, it wasn't rape and she was willing, relax, I doubt she even remebers.

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