36 years of l*** for my English teacher

For 36 years, I have lusted over the woman who was my freshman English teacher in high school. "Barbie" was a plus-sized woman who had the biggest b****** I've ever seen in my life. Every single day, she wore clothing so tight, you could see her panty line right down to the "V" of her crotch. And her huge b****** jiggled back and forth whenever she did something as simple as walking across her classroom.

For the year that I had her class, and the two years afterward (I had to move away at the end of my junior year), I used any excuse I could to sidle up to Barbie and make idle conversation with her, just so that I could be inches away from the body of my dreams. That I resisted every urge to kiss and fondle this woman's outrageous physique, I chalk up solely to divine intervention.

One day in class, Barbie left her suit jacket on a table at the far end of her classroom. While the rest of the class noisily worked on projects, I sneaked over to the table and fondled the jacket as much as I could. It was a pointless exercise, I know -- I just wanted to touch something that had been so close to that big, beautiful body. At one point, I looked across the room and saw Barbie, looking at me with a sickly smile on her face. It was then that I knew: If she didn't know that I wanted to make love to her, it was only because she didn't want to know.

Barbie, if you're reading this, I'd still make love to you now, even if you're in your seventies and wrinkled -- just out of gratitude for all the lustful memories you've given me. I'd be so grateful to take your big b**** in my mouth, and thrust myself inside you over and over until your beautiful body shook with the powerful, shuddering o***** you deserve. I still m********* to your yearbook photos and find myself climaxing to your glorious form.

Nov 6, 2011

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  • Go smash her Dude...I was at it with my Maths teacher for over six months, we never got caught we were always careful too. The only reson we finished was i fancied another girl and she said it would be unfair of her to stop me. It's such a buzz having an older women l****** after you. She was a student maths teacher and she got a job at our school and I used to fantisise about her all the time then one afternoon after school I told her that i wanted to f*** her so bad a couple of days after not seeing her and she seemed like she was ignorning me, she called me in to class to discuss the issue more...thinking that i was going be in trouble we ended up meeting most nights after school for s** i was 15 she was 28 she never abused me i abused her she used to love me doing stuff to her....my advice you go for it.

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