I hate the taste of c**

I've only gone down on 1 guy my whole life but that's enough for my lifetime. C** stinks. D**** stick. They smell really bad. I even make him wash his d*** before I go down but the taste is so bad I always gag. It is such a torture having to suck his d***. He says I'm good at it but I hate doing it no matter how good I am.

How do I explain it? His d*** smells like something rotten and his c** tastes like chlorine detergent. I once swallowed a bit by accident and I THREW UP. It's like ipecac I SWEAR.

I've broken up with him and I swear I will never go down on another man ever, unless his d*** smells like flowers and his c** tastes like vanilla and honey.

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  • Yea he just has bad hygiene. I went down on a guy and he had terrible hygiene and i am ashamed. Now i hate him lol

  • Also vanilla, cinnamon and pineapple help for smells. Just keep them away from the red meat and alcohol (if you can :P ).

  • Some guys smell and taste good!

  • Why do it at all if you hate it?? just because some guy want you to do it DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO DO IT!

  • Did you have a bad experience with d*** when you were younger or what?? Ugh try smelling and tasting your stinky p**** before condemning any d***!! I am a guy and trust me d**** smell and taste way better than any p**** ever will. Its just nature. C** tastes wonderful as well. sorry just sayin...

  • First of all, not all mens d**** stink. Trust me, I've been near plenty of them ;-) That sounds more like a poor hygiene thing on his part. Second of all, c** tastes different depending on what the guy eats. Kiwi, watermelon and celery are supposed to make it taste more light and sweet. Just fyi lol

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