I had to have s** with justin

I had to have s** with justin i drugged her drink and waited justin went out fast i undressed her slowly savoring the feeling of seeing her naked on her bed than as i got ontop of her sweet young 24 year old body she gasped for air than as i entered her she flopped around her breast bouncing as i pumped her i cam inside her after that i took dozens of pictures of her sweet young 24 year old body . i knew when she foundt out shed be mad so i waited until she came to and showed her what id done she cryed



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  • Done the same to my daughters and its great s** with no more no dont please daddy your hurting me crap unless i want to hear it from my 12 or 14 year old girls

  • girls are named Justin...? wtf ?

  • Your jealous that i had s** with justin try a knocked out hott girl than post reply and yes i did her up the ass too !

  • Next time she should spike your drink and f*** you up the ass with a 10" strap-on and post the pics all over the net .... that would be funny.

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