S** with my boyfriend

I had s** with my boyfriend 11 time so far. He is the one I lost my virginity to. Before we even started having s**, he told me he could never marry me because of our different religions. I still had s** with him anyways and still continue to have s**. We are basically just s** partners until he moves to Canada in a few months. Does that make me a s***? He always says its so wrong what we do and that his parents would never accept such acts. And yet I don't care about any of it. I just love s** so much. We started to develop feelings for eachother however. Now I really don't want him to leave me, because not only will I be losing my only s** partner but also someone I really care about.

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  • tramps need love too.

  • You are not a s***, making s** is normal at your age. Do not worry, if this boy goes to Canada, you will find an other boy for your satisfaction.

  • rofl! It's not wrong to love s** with ur bf, sweetheart.

  • What do you care what others thinks of you ? Do what you want and let others think whatever they want about it. If you enjoy this guy for now, go for it. It's his loss he won't marry you.

  • So what if you are a s***, have all the s** you want and enjoy it.

    H***, I like experienced girls, and in a year or so you'll be in demand for the guys that know you or hear about you.

    Too bad you don't live near me, I'd ask you over a lot.

  • you are not a s***, you are young, you can trust the guy, have fun. You will find other guys.

  • Yea Im only 19 and Ive done all these things :/

  • Yes, you are a s***... Move on....

  • Maybe you are right. Maybe I am...

  • Nah its just pleasure s**** are like big s** peeps never can't enough 24/7 orgy :L

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