I had a one night stand...actually a week long

I am feeling so so miserable. I went out of town for a week on business trip with my boss. We somehow became close during the trip and I ended having s** with him. I'm married with 3 kids by the way while he has his own family. I suppose I am having problems with my marriage but at the moment neither my husband nor I are bailing out. After the trip, both my boss and I continue working with each other. He somehow is giving me the cold treatment at the moment. One day he would be fun and texted me sexy messages while there are days when he would totally ignore me. I would never initiate anything or make the first move. Am I falling for a j*** and selfish guy like him? I've been telling myself to forget the whole thing and move on but it is so difficult being in the same office with him. He is known to be a ladies man and can be very charming. I suppose there are other girls who have fallen for him. For all I know he could be stringing several other girls along. Help me forget him, help me forget my stupid mistake and help me erase this episode of my life.

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  • You had a sexual experience. Let it go. The less said, the better.

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