Only p****

Im 22 years old and ive had s** with my girl in everyway. oral, a***, and in her p****. but i like regular s** only. i dont know it feels wierd to have a*** or oral. i just like having her ride my c*** over and over. she says that she enjoys s** with me more than her previous boy friends. i am pretty average in physical looks im 6 feet tall and i weigh 186 lbs, my d**** almost 7 inches just below the mark. shes the only girl ive had who doesnt demand me to go down on her she says she likes vaginal intercourse best to. shes moderately attractve she is 5,7 and 120 something lbs. when i told my buds they said i was wierd, but i dont see whats weird about only liking regular s**. i think im more normal than the rest of you, your d*** shouldnt go in her mouth or ass. comment i would like to here some dumb trolls say im strange because they've never had a girl.

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  • Sounds normal to me.

  • Haha its mike look behind bro haha.

  • How the f*** did you know my name?

  • Jesus again no f*** you jason

  • F*** you jesus stay out of it!

  • Jesus again why are you fighting my sons.

  • I know shes dead i f***** her to death haha while you watched.

  • My moms dead you douche and she was a saint.

  • Your moms an abomination for giving birth to you.

  • The bible says if a man lays with another man its an abomination.

  • Hi its jesus why are you all talking for me thats not what i said.

  • gays are hethans and animals in gods eyes.

  • No, they are the same as you and me.

  • Gay people are still people.

  • Only f*** get f***** and their not men their perverted animals.

  • No a man is ever supposed to be entered they enter women not the other way around you psycho.

  • A mans ass is no different from a womans none.

  • Your a crazy b**** you shouldn be raped and killed.

  • I like to see them in pain so they know what their doing to me and wont want it again.

  • What joy do you get from raping guys what the f***!

  • Im a girl and i like a*** when i do it to guys with a d****.

  • Where do all these people come from?

  • How come there are a bunch of 10 year olds on this website?

  • Keep on f****** brother

  • Hello you are full of s***.

  • i cant do a*** my d**** 14 inches long.

  • Fake as h***.

  • Love live butt f******.

  • You probably say you dont like a*** because your gay and in the closet. come out no one will judge.

  • I love a***!

  • I was gonna poke my butt hole to this but then i sharted :)

  • I love that theres no sign up for this website.

  • I have a b**** ;)

  • I ment oral done to me.

  • Origional poster here its good to hear that im not the only guy who likes normal f****** even though im thinking that all the commenters are all girls. its cool to know im not alone in my mission to get rid of a*** s**, its gross and my girl thinks so too. to all guys who want a*** s** i say you want a*** because your not f****** your woman right and you think that a*** will make you feel like your f****** right but your not.

  • I think there's nothing wrong with you and who cares what your buddies think ? If I were you, I'd try to leave them out of your private s** life. It's NONE of their business anyways.

    It's annoying how most guys insist upon blow jobs and some just HAVE to have a*** s**, bugging their women for it (those that aren't into it.) Like it's some kind of trend they have to keep up with The Joneses over. Some women would probably find YOU a great catch !

    You could f*** me ANYTIME ! NOTHING wrong with liking straight f****** ! :D

  • I used to say I don't like having oral done on me but it turned out I just hadn't found a man who knew what he was doing.

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