Gianni Passakos is a A******. You are abusive, controlling,extremely angry at the world. I should of known better than to date you, you will always be the same. You will never grow up, you scream and yell, you joined the ARMY and then talk s*** about how stupid the ARMY and OBAMA and this country is yet you say you enjoyed kiling people overseas? Your a sick son of a b****. You hit defensless animals. You are a sick son of a b****. Your going to go to h*** but for some reason I think your looking forward to that. Anyone that needs a gun or use intimidation and fear to gain respect is a COWARD. You are the biggest p**** ever so stay off of mine. You are a meth head and you will never amount to anything but an abuser

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  • I breifly dated Gianni while I was living in San Ramon,CA. He was verbally abusive to me as well and has no respect for the girls he dates as I found out from girls who dated him in the past. He has a very scary temper and bragged about his "kills" while serving in Iraq which was frightening and gross, needless to say we did not last. Hopefully you moved on.

  • He never killed anyone i served with him

  • He was nice to the Iraqis he would meet that were normal citizens and even well liked he never bragged about killing anyone

  • Both of you described him to a T ..its scary the United states sends guys like him to other countries to regulate wonder americans are hated

  • We need people like him in our army and Americans are hated cause most of us are ignorant ant post stupid s*** anonymously. I'm kristi payton and gianni has been thru enough. All you hater b****** need to leave him alone. He came home from Iraq and watched his mom die from cancer and he's caring, compassionate, generous, loving, and was a bit lost, but that doesn't make him a terrible person. Haven't heard from him in years but pray for his health, well being, and peace of mind, and a that he is somewhere on a big piece of land with his guns and dogs and none of you damn haters.........malakas!!!!!

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