P**** Pictures

My ex girlfriend went back to one of her ex boyfriends and we broke up after 3 years and two handsome boys. Few days before we separated, we had s**. The next morning, she told me she has a new man in her life. We moved to separate apts and that was that.

Then she must have gotten h**** few days later and she got on her laptop in her bedroom and started playing with her p**** while I watched from my laptop at my apt.

She told me not to record it. I grabbed my phone and took pictures of her doing it. I now have 16 pictures of her p**** saved in my computer. I used to have them in my phone but I deleted them coz I was looking at them all the time even at work.

We have not had s** since then and I doubt we ever will. However, who knows. She does not know that I have those pictures and not sure what to do with them.

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  • If they don't have her face they're pretty useless. She left you for an ex, wake up and stop being such a p**** by drooling over pictures of what you no longer have.

  • true. i actually no longer look at them.

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