Drunk wife

I love to get my wife drunk as that is the only time she is OK to expose herself to other guys.
We hit the nude beach, drank several R&C and she was feeling pretty good. She was al but passed out and 2 naked guys walked up to see if she was alright. She looked at them and kind of rolled her eyes and it was obvious she was out of it and not going to remember a thing tomorrow.
I thought it could be fun to let them get a free feel so I motioned for them to help me get sat up.
They were very helpful and one got behind her and put his legs on each side of her and the other sat directly in front of her by her feet.
Her head was falling backwards like she was going to pass out and the foot guy motioned to move in closer and I nodded yes.
He spread her legs wide apart and she didn't seem to care or notice and he moved in between her knees.
The guy behind her was literally pressing his now growing and hard d*** into her back as his legs were beside each of hers.
He wrapped his arms around her and fondled her t***.
The one between her knees now reached for her p**** and started to finger her and his d*** was getting very hard and a good solid 8 inches.
I was a bit concerned but he motioned no s**.
They felt her up and the one laid back and pulled her back with him on top of him while he grinded into her now moving his d*** between her legs so now it is sticking up hard and right beside her lips. Man 2 laid on top of them both and sandwitched her.
His d*** pressed against her lips like a hot dog in a bun and motioned no s**.
They rubbed, grinded, fondled, and licked anything and everything they could until they both c** all accross her chest and mound.
Once they came, they motioned for me to climb on top and f*** her while they watched me and I was all too happy to let them watch.
She was out cold for it all and never woke until the next day around noon.
What a night.
Ready for round two if you boys hit Oahu again.


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  • And that's what DATE RAPE looks like,,, you should be very proud for evening making up this bullshit story. Congrats, you are a "predator minded" individual.

  • You are a piece of s***!!! no true man would let or put the one he loves in such a situation.

  • We would love to watch you on cam.please let us know how & when.thank you
    . voyeurcplsrus@yahoo.com

  • Very hot ...wish I could get my wife in that position

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