I f***** my best friend

Me and my best friend went on a trip together, we left the girls at home with the kids. I'm 25 with a 1yr daughter and he's 27 with a 3 yr son. We went to a bar and got totally drunk, we ended up back at the hotel room as it was walking distance from the bar. When we got to the room we both started to playfully hit and push each other like most guy friends do, which led to wrestling on the bed. In the darkness after we wore each other out we were laying face to face, I had this un controllable urge to kiss him, I leaned in and he did not resist he was totally into it, I swear it was the freaking hottest kiss I ever experienced. We both started to undo our clothes and I started to suck his c***, it tasted so good. Then we started spooning with me behind an him in the front with me jacking his d***. I decided to put my d*** in between his thighs so I could get off too. I eventually slid it between his ass cheeks, it felt so good... Then I found his hole, I pushed on it with my d*** to test the waters a little bit to see if he pulled away, but he didn't so I continued to push it all the way in, I was in pure Ecstasy. I f***** him until I came deep in his ass, and finished him off too, he shot all over the sheets and I licked the rest off. Then we slept in each others arms until we woke up the next morning. The best night if my life, I don't think my girlfriend can ever compare. Hopefully we do this on a regular basis.

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  • Hit me up with the deets and ill join next time xD (just kidding)

  • Now just think of all the time you wasted. You could've had your fill ages ago.

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