I want to rape my best friend.

I'm male 14 years old and my best friend is female 18 years old. We have known each other for about about 10 years now. amazingly she still come's to my house every week to stay for the weekend and she actually plans on moving in with me soon.

Now I know what your thinking " wow you lucky f****** b**** !!!" well your wrong. The reason? Everyone in my family is a Christian but me I pretend to be a Christian but I'm not. Sadly my best friend is a Christian to so she doesn't believe in having s** until she's married and the same is supposed to go for me.

But I hate that f****** s***!!! It ruined my life ever since I was 11 years old all I could think about is s**!!! And I couldn't do much about it. So really there was only one thing to do. So it was a good thing that I had my own computer and my own room by the time I was 11. Because Ive been j********** to p*** everyday for the last 3 years at least 5 or 10 times a day.

It used to help for a long time but for the last year or so it really doesn't help anymore. Ive seen so much f****** p*** it takes me like 5 hours just to get hard now and like another 5 hours just to c**. So p*** doesn't do s*** anymore. Right now I have no life and I try to avoid having anymore friends because I don't want them to get sucked into my stupid f****** religion.

I'm to shy to talk to girls and even if I wasn't I wouldn't want my girlfriend to meet my family because I hate them so f****** much. So again I say I have no life right now I just sit in my room all day trying to j******* to p***.

Witch brings me to the title of this confession. I think my best friend is really f****** hot I want to rape her so bad I sware I'm going to f****** just rape her to death one of these days I know this sounds really f***** up but I really don't have much to live for at this point I mean so what as soon as I rape her my life would be over I don't really give a s***.

I hate my life I wish everyone in my family wasn't a Christian and I wish my best friend wasn't and Christian either. If we weren't Christians I would be open to talking about s** with my family and my best friend and they wouldn't mind. Plus I wouldn't have had to spend the last 3 years of my life just j********** to p*** all the f****** time.

Really the only thing holding me back is pretending to be a Christian. If I was never in a Christian family I would have probably had s** by the time I was 12 years old and I wouldn't be thinking of a way to have s** with someone for the last 3 years well I give up ok I'm not going to wait like another 10 years or some stupid s*** just to spend time with some chick I dont even care about to get married and then finally have f****** s** for the first time in my life after wanting it for over 13 years.

So I'm just going to rape my best friend its as simple as that. Well whatever she's f****** hot It'll be worth it. And just so everyone knows I don't plan on going to jail. When I'm done with her I'm just going to kill myself. And This is not fake!!! I'm actually 14 and she is actually 18 and we are best friends I know it sounds unlikely but its true so If you think It's not then go f*** yourself because it is true. Also f*** Christianity.


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  • Not all Christians believe you have to be married to have s** you know so don't say f*** Christianity say f*** your family's version of Christianity

  • I'm a girl and I say if u wanna rape someone I'm here. I've had s** before so I'm not worried about my virginity cuz I lost it. But if u rape ur best friend she'll loose hers and hate you. It's not worth it so rape me or someone else, but not her. That's all I got to say.

  • Hey how about I rape you? I can make you my dirty little f*** puppet. Would you like that? Let me know. I'll come pick you up and we can get started.

  • Ile f*** u

  • You should do it,

  • What the h*** dude. You're 14. You aren't nearly old enough to comprehend what you're even doing. I know that you may think that you're life is screwed up, but I'm sure that your family still cares for you, even though you say that you feel isolated because you don't believe in their religion. Don't let a silly thing like that destroy your relationship with your loved ones. Regarding the rape... You have to force yourself to not give in to your deep desire for s**. It's simply wrong. Try imagining yourself in your girlfriend's shoes (or any female's for that matter) and think about how you would feel if someone were to violently force you to do something that you didn't consent to. I know that it's what you want, but quit being so self-centered. Even though I can tell that you're fairly emotionally unstable at the moment, you need to understand that you're planning to inflict harm upon another human being. Your girlfriend isn't a piece of meat and you need to realize that kid. Also, might I add that it would be rather idiotic on your part to try to rape your 18 year old girlfriend. She's probably physically larger and stronger than you are, given the age difference. You're getting too cocky. I suggest reaching out to a counselor/therapist or even your parents. Considering your age I would recommend that you not spread this around amongst your friends, as gossip aimed towards you will most likely be the result of that. Anyways, I hope that you work things out with your family and are able to realize that your current mentality is not okay and can get aid.

  • Nice story
    Should get it published to an adult book store or something

  • This sounds really hot

  • Why don't girls wanna have s** like guys do. Being a guy I wanna f*** all the time, but it doesn't seem like that with females.

  • I'm a girl and I really really want to, but I grew up in a Christian household as well so I just need to wait until marriage.

  • No you f****** don't. It's a fallacy

  • Its because of evolution. Girls look for more in guys and have more "standards"(generally). This is also why we see girls generally liking the same guy. Guys on the other hand have more drive and less patience.

  • This seems like a joke. What kind of f****** 14 year old uses asterisk on the p*** "f***", "p***", "j**********", "c**" like the f***?

  • Just f77k a non Christian girl dude. Chill. There's hookers for that kind of thing

  • I mean a Christian household that gives a room with a computer to an 11 year old complete lie

  • This is fake. Trolling with some agenda to make Christian households look bad on how their children turn up. I know lots of kids from Christian households and never met one with any weird or negative traits.

  • Then you clearly haven't met enough people, everyone has some negative trait, because they are human. Afterall no one is infallible

  • Exactly. Didnt say humans were perfect, just stated that not all Christian kids sound as messed up as this one trying to make them outnto be. Or thats how i read it at least.

  • This surely have to be fake, an internet troll, but in the case this could be real, no matter if this was 5 years ago, I just lost another piece of faith in humanity, because having all the intentions to rape someone that cares and trust you is just monstrous. I Could understand part of his "story" but the part that he just want to rape his best friend making a pathetic excuse, I can't give sympathy about that. So if he raped someone and then killed himself it serve him perfectly the place he is now. if this story is true I won't give mercy to a "rapist", if this is a joke, what a f***** up mind this person have.

  • I admire you very much my good sir.

  • Don't bring her down with u just wait till ur 18 and have ... As much as u like although u ain't going to be finished for long cause u overworked ....

  • When you realize this post is nearly 5 years old and wonder what we've all searched on Google to find this and comment on it today... for me, rape p***. But no.. I got this and now I'm totally not in the mood...

  • Litterly, exact...same...thing. I can't get off on .... like I used to. Now I'm on to Google's stories from people.

  • Yep. Same.

  • You say you hate your life. But why bring her down with you? Think about that.

    And you're only 14. Believe me, once you get to college you're gonna be f****** mad girls.
    For the time being, just try to smash some of the chicks you go to school with. Simple as that. Just be honest with your parents too

  • Dude just f*ck her r*pe her if you have to to be able to desire your r*pelust.

  • Omg so true I agrreeee

  • YAA

  • F*** yeah +1 for rape

  • If you feel like that come and meet me 17 year old girl with a rape fantasy.

  • Lmao damn. is it bad that im laughing tho

  • I been lookin for someone. Please contact me @ unicorn42506@gmail.com

  • "This is real!!!" First thing it's tagged is fake, JEEZ MAN I THOUGHT YOU WERE F****** SERIOUS MY GOD

  • You are a psycho!!!!!

  • You are an IDIOT

  • Yh i also have that weird thing about rape, i also want to rape my friend

  • I'm c******

  • This is sick

  • Jk I'm 12

  • I need a girl to rape I'm 21 and live in ky

  • You all are dumb. Go find a girl to f***, not rape, the f***? If you like rape fantasies, find someone who likes that, but if your actual goal is to rape someone, go get checked into a f****** mental hospital, cause you have f****** issues. Forget that, just drink some bleach and make the world a better place.

  • I'd been down for that ;)

  • Really?

  • Heyy let's have an orgy

  • Me to

  • Ahhahahhahahaha he kept saying tht is real but then the first tag I saw was fake

  • Shut up you little b**** you like what just hit puberty you need to sit your ass in the coroner and think about what you said ther are real problems happening out in this world and you don't need to make a scene with you mental out bursts you little f** go to a mental hospital and say "um can I have some help I like to think about rapping my best friend and killing my self" now if you will go f*** your self you little 14 year old f*****

  • F***** you know this is fake? Little h*** talking about problems in the world, problems your ass is not solving get out of here with your fake ass bullshit self

  • Hey take it easy on kids alright

  • Take it easy on a kid who is saying he wants to rape someone and kill himself? I think the f*** not.

  • I understand him just cause I wanna f*** all the time, but girls don't. Not saying rape is right, but it can be hard to resist.

  • Hello this Abdou i was going to ask if you can send this girl to irak so i can get to taste her i have 2 inche d*** im hairy and ready i love girls thats very naughty so send her or i bomb your country

  • Hi I'm a 17 year old girl and I say go to h***

  • Where do u live my friend i will come and show you how to rape ur grill if shes hot maybe u can join no im joking ur gay sry but i have a boyfriend for you his name is emir and hes very beutiful no im joking hes gay aswell so i give 10 bucks for emir and i rape ur grill

  • Rape is not something to joke around about. Even if you were serious and you were capable of doing that to someone, how do you think that would make her feel? Reading these comments have just about made me sick. If you knew what it was like to be forced into someone like that you would be afraid to even say the word rape. Think about what you are saying and how it effects others. Have some respect for yourself and everyone who you have insulted by saying this stuff.

  • So true

  • I want to force myself inside of my friend but i just cant see myself as a rapist

  • If you force yourself on someone sexually, then you are a rapist. If this friend says no, and you continue, then you are a rapist.

  • Dumb ass

  • What if she f****** reads this

  • Have her move in ad f*** her when she is asleep. blood is ok as lube. rape! s** niga yes

  • Ur kinda crazy dude

  • I really hope that's a joke.

  • OK, lovely out pouring for this kid off the bat...So it sound like you have an addiction to internet p***, , this s*** happens, best thing to do is avoid your computer for awhile and seek some counseling. You're probably going to have to let your parents know about this, I know this sound terrifying but believe me in the end it'll be worth it, as far as you're friend goes, she has some years on you, talk to her about how you feel ( by the way sleeping with you wouldn't just be against her religion it would also be a crime) i'm sure she may have some insights into this, as far as suicidal idealization goes you're thinking about a permanent solution to a temporary problem, all that said keep you're head up and focus on something else, as you get older you're mind will grow and you'll be able to look back at this and laugh. Also a side note, you're 14, so your view of religion and life in general is going to be a little off, relgion can be wonderful thing, a comfort in trying times, take the advise of some much older than yourself, give it a chance, if you don't like it fine, but don't let that dislike or the way others practice their beliefs fill you with hate, hate makes you miserable, it festers and rots in your soul (mind if you'd rather think of it like that) and in the end it'll destroy you.

  • This is fake

  • I do not think this is fake at all, it really does not seem like an unreasonable situation. you seem like you have very little patience, i'm guessing you wont be able to kill yourself any way i pity your " best" friend

  • If that was my sister,i would torture you slowly put a d**** in your ass and then kill you.

  • Rape is good!

  • Um hi can u met me...I think I have pills that can help u

  • Why the **** is rape good? Have you been raped? Can you speak for the numerous survivors out there? I didn't think so.

  • Why do u think it's good?

  • You still alive?

  • You're going to h***. No matter which religion your in, that much is obvious. Kill yourself, but h***. You're friend who trusts and loves you (as a friend. Eugh. You're so nasty, it can't be anything more) you're gonna ruin her life because of pent up sexual feelings? Wow. Pathetic. You'll only have a s** count of 1. Lmao.

  • Im going to make you wish you were in h*** f*****

  • If you're into rape! You might wanna go the bdsm route with your s** life. Also, stop watching p***. Unless you wanna be on one of those crime shows, I suggest you remove p***, that anger crap you got going on, the idea of rape, and any other negativity from your life.

    Believe it or not, but p*** is bad for you. That's not religious bullshit, that's the truth. You're gonna become a pretty ugly person mentally (maybe even physically, I wouldn't be surprised lol.) if you don't cut it out now.

    On a side note, dude. Your aggression and cussing are so unattractive and on a side SIDE note, raping your best friend? That has been your friend for 10 years??? I'm pretty sure that isn't healthy thinking. M********* with your imagination. It sucks, it may not be as arousing, maybe even boring, BUT you have to. S** sounds like all thst, but you're gonna make it feel like s*** if you don't stop wtf you're currently doing. Like seriously, 5-10 times a day? You can't even savor the feeling out of that like damn.

    My point here is: NO P***, NO AGGRESIVE BEHAVIOR, NO RAPING YOUR FRIENDS!!!! Get therapy or some s***. Anything is good.

  • Like!!!

  • As a practicing Christian, I'm appalled by your lack of faith. And how your being raised. S** without marriage may be a sin, but rape is unforgivable in the eyes of many. To be frank, if you cared about her, you wouldn't be trying to rape her. That said, if I was in a similar situation, I would be open with her, and tell her how I feel.

  • Oh shut the f*** up you religious f***.

  • >edgy f***** think he has any bearing on something
    lmao de lol. It won't matter when Islamists kill and rape your pathetic unbelieving nations

  • Hahahaa

  • I like rape:)

  • I want to be raped...

  • You all going to burn in h***

  • Rape is awesome!

  • Rape is like the best thing EVAR

  • Your all f****** sickos, I'm going to bed

  • Is this genuine? perhaps she will pin you down and cut off your manhood, ever thought of that? I wish her the best of luck.

  • i would f*** u i feel the ezack same way. my brother raped me before so i know how to plz im going to kill my self too if i dont get to f***!!!!!!!!!!?

  • If ur a girl and live in ky I will f*** u if ur a girl

  • I'm a girl

  • Bit I'm in Memphis Tennessee

  • lol christian girl of 18 moves in with christian boy of 14


  • Thats what I mean look at all the faggoty remarks talking about what theyre going to do

  • Ok where do you live? Do you have a webcam? I'm a 13 year old girl

  • Can I rape u if u live in ky

  • I love in ky

  • I live in ky

  • Gg if you're a guy

    You're gonna be on the ID channel as a rape victim if you're actually a girl.

  • This is fake but unless you are very big you wont rape anyone shes stronger than a boy starting puberty and you would have to be atleast "5,10" and more than 170 lbs to rape a fully grown woman or drug her first. then its smoothe raping from there on plus if you dont let her know it was you you could get away with it. if it works out post results.

  • Nice advice on how to rape a girl dumbass.

  • I somehow doubt women are that weak that an 18 year old woman is going to get raped by a 14 year old boy

  • how does an 18 year old woman move in with a 14 year old boy ? I call bullshit

  • i'm sure you can find someone to have a friends with benifits arrangement with till she comes around.

  • Holy s*** dude

  • Please rape me.

  • My lover wants to rape u

  • Y

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