I was a w****.

I was a w****. I’m happily married now, with two kids, but my husband doesn’t know what a w**** I was. I lost my virginity at 16, I met a 42 year old man online who came to my house when my mother wasn’t home and f***** the s*** out of me, I f***** my friend’s boyfriend in her bathroom, I f***** a single guy that was there as well in the same bathroom the same night, I snuck out at night to randomly hook up with old guys, I fantasized about rape and dirty old men f****** my p**** and calling me a dirty w****, My mother’s OLD boyfriend had a friend of his stay with us because he had no place to go, he’d just gotten out of jail, he was in his 50’s, one day when my mom and her boyfriend were out I was sitting on the couch with him watching TV, I laid down with my head on a pillow in his lap, he slowly moved the pillow, I knew what he was doing, it turned me on, I didn’t move. I let him take the pillow away and unzip his pants. I sucked him off in the living room, right there, were my mom and her BF could walk in at any moment. After that he took me to my room and f***** me from behind like the w**** I was. I never told anyone, thinking about it now still gets me wet. I would never cheat on my husband. I love him dearly, and he makes me happy, I’ll never tell him what a w**** I was. But I’ll go home tonight and f*** his brains out. Just writing this I had to go to the bathroom at work and finger myself until I came.

Nov 29, 2011

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  • I lost my virginity at 15 in high school and had lot's of boyfriend's after that.

  • I am a married W**** as well. I meet men online and let them suck my t***, finger me, f*** me. I suck their hard c**** til they c**, let them f*** my ass, all is good there. My husband has NO idea of what a w**** he is married to. I even demanded $$ for missing work a few times and was paid for that too. Married men are the best and the worst for that but I like them all the same, for different reasons.

  • we all have our w**** moments. i had 8 lovers in 11 yrs of marriage. i cheated on all my boyfriends. i am on here reading this and getting h****. you love s**. many women do. you like to please men sexually. learn to get them to please you i. did.

  • As would I, would love to hear more in greater detail.

  • I would love to.hear more and in greater detail

  • Would sure love to have known you. Sounds like a truly fun girl to have around for bj's

  • Don't feel guilty. You are human and human beings for the most part are highly sexual. You did nothing wrong

  • Wish I was your boss I would blackmail and f*** you like the w**** you are.

  • sounds like you enjoyed it. what's in the past is in the past, theres no need to disclose your sexual history to anyone that you dont want to know. even your husband. enjoy the memories and live life.

  • I wouldn't say you're a w****. Doesn't sound like you charged any of those men. You sound like a lot of fun, actually.

    But I'd call you a filthy little w****, s***, piece of s*** as I was banging you, if that's what you wanted. I'd also make you tell me all the dirty details about what you've done.

  • Wow!

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