Desire to do p***

I am a young-adult female, and I have been told I'm pretty and I think I have a good body. I'm straight-laced when it comes to s** I don't go around sleeping with everyone and don't have bad reputation. But I confess, that lately I have this very strong desire to be photagraphed and filmed naked. And even as far as to do p*** and have s** on camera with handsome guys. Even several guys at once while they hold me down and enter me and I suck their members. I think about this a lot sometimes it drives me crazy and makes me h****. I would never ever do it of course, because eventually everyone including my family would find out and that would be too humiliating for me.

However if I somehow I got offered to do it, and for some reason and no one would ever find out for sure. Like it would be shown only in a foreign country. Than I admit 99% I would say yes. The temptation would be too much to say no to. But I don't think that is possibel, or if even if such production places exist. But the urge is enough to where that I am tempted to seek them out and maybe contact them. Is there even such a thing as I am describing? I may not even do it an chicken out, but it would be nice to find out.

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  • Oh do f*** off, do you men who pretend to be women realise just how tedious your fantasies are? Do me a favour. F*** off. When you've done that, could you please f*** off some more?

  • I don't know if the are p*** companies that do what you are asking, or if they can even guarantee that it wont be shown where you are. The thing I can say is that there is so much p*** floating out there nowadays that people you know may not come across it. Simply with the sheer amount they have to sift through to find you. Its not a guarantee that they won't see you, it just tilts the odds better in your favor specially if its going to be shown in a foreign market.

  • You should assume whatever is filmed will be available everywhere to everyone. Because it will, no matter the assurances you are given. Perhaps disguising your face might help.

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