Incest is f****** nasty why are these all s** confessions are about incest. i had s** with my step sister when i was 15. dont f*** family related by blood or you will get genetic mutation and have a son with no eyelids. its not funny its not hot its just wrong stop all these gross made up post about f****** your mom.

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  • When I was 14 I had s** with my little sister who was 9 and my little cousin who was 5. My sister I forced f***** when she was taking a shower and I did my cousin when she was asleep. I busted a nut in my cousins, I'm glad I didn't get her pregnant.

  • I think of my little niece their young undeveloped p**** they are 6 and 8 no hair on their p**** not one. Young p**** is so tight it grabs ahold of your d*** and don't let go.I c** deep inside them and my wife lick 's their p**** clean butt f****** young girs is beater I rip one ass open

  • Made I want to f*** my 9 year old step daughter

  • Naughty

  • My mom is drug addict so I pay her to f*** My little sister in her ass everyday

  • My sister and I had s** for years. The only time I felt dirty and disgusting is when I was molested by a neighbor. Over the years I remember it feeling good for the neighbor to caress my clip and I feel guilty and angry for all of my feelings. I've also been in love with my third cousin for years. I comega frome a large family where the kids all finger ed one another at some point and time. Said all that to say I wish it wasn't immoral to have s** with whomever you choose evenot if it's a relative.

  • Why are you so angry

  • Stupid s*** really should at least have his facts straight. Incest is what it is, and has gone on forever, but at least get you facts straight with your opinion. Fact: It takes several generations of inbreeding to cause birth defects, yes on rare occasions it happens, 99.9% nothing happens. Damn this is the web age, freaking use your google, lol

    For the record, I am 50, have two beautiful grown daughters by my mother, she is now 72 we still are together...

  • I have been f****** my mother for three years now and we have a two year old daughter and another on the way. we always have unprotected s**. my dad think the children are his, but we both know there mine.

  • Dos mom like facials

  • I congratulate you both on ur relationship

  • Gross disgusting sick perverted twisted dangerous

  • You molest boys but you call someone else out for incest? You hypocrite!!

  • So true. This sick f**** need to be imprisoned.

  • You tell 'em, rapist!

  • I ,as a doctor, have seen a child as a result of sibling incest.She is brighter compared to her peers.

  • You're no doctor.

  • You're a proctologist's finger.

  • My husband left me for his young secretary. Now I have s** with my son. He's 12 years old. I know it's wrong, but I need it and he enjoys it

  • I'm having s** with my fourteen year old daughter, my wife went off with her boss and left me and my daughter alone. One night she came and sat on my lap and cuddled up to me, i could see down her top and saw her wonderful t***. I don't know what came over me but i bent down and began to kiss her cleavage and she said Oh that's nice daddy so i undone her top and took her t*** out and suck her nipples. She was saying Oh yes daddy Oh yes suck my t*** so i took her to my bedroom and i stripped us both of off and laid her down on the bed. as we were laying there she took hold off my c*** and said are you going to f*** me with this daddy, i said do you want me to then, Oh yes please daddy. so i laid her on her back and she opened her thighs and i got between them and procceeded to feed my c*** all the way up her c*** and rip her hymen apart. and as i was f****** her she was saying Oh yes daddy f*** me f*** me hard, i have been wanting you f*** for some time and as i was f****** her she saying Oh yes daddy i'm your woman from now on and i want all your babbies. We have since moved away from were we lived and know live as man and wife and we have two children a boy and a girl and she is pregnant again.

  • F*** me baby

  • I bet he does i would given half a chance

  • Well done you carry on f****** him and let him get you pregnant, i been f****** my mother for three years now and i'm a father of a six month daughter and i'm only fifteen, my dad think's his the father. My mum want's me get her pregnant again.

  • My son got me pregnant when he was 13. We have a lovely, sweet daughter.

  • Good for you i have been f****** my mum since dad left us i was thirteen at time when i first f***** her.I was having a w*** when she walked in on me. when she first saw my six inch c***, she said here let me do that and wrapped her hand round my c*** and wanked me off after she made me c** she let me s*** her and i dumped several ropes of c** in her belly. That was six years a go now, we are now living as man and wife and we now have twin daughter's and she is pregnant with our son. so who said incest is wrong, don't knock it till you try it i say.

  • Good for you, get them young and teach them well i say. I did with my daughter and she f**** like a mature young woman. she will be thirteen next birthday and looking to be f****** her when she well into her twenty's. she said she wants me to get her pregnant as well when she older.

  • It won't harm your son ,I used to sleep with my mother when I was 13.i had a wet dream one night and c** all over her legs.she then had a talk to me and asked me how often I masturbated.she told me she did it at least once a day and if l wanted to m********* in her bed to do so, l woke up later to see my mother masturbating herself I had a h****** and was quite well endowed my started stroking it next thing my mother's hand was on my c*** she said you've got a nice big c*** like your dad had. I felt her pulling me over to her ,she said give me a good f****** I'm dying for it,as soon as I entered her hairy p**** it was soaking and she started her o***** I kept on f****** her until she had three more o****** then I pumped all my creamy s**** right up her.

  • When I was 15 and my sister was 10 we had bedrooms with adjoining doors we used to bolt our bedroom doors and go into each others beds and f*** my sister loved having a 69 before f******,on a Sunday my parents used to go to church I used to give my sis many o****** we both grown up and married now both sometimes when we get the chance we love to f*** and talk about our young days of f****** think it made me and my sister better lovers with our partners sis tells me her partner has huge c*** which she sucks off (plenty of practice with mine) and she taut him to lick her to o***** my partner love f****** and will do anything I want.dont think it's harmed us at all.

  • Nothing's wrong as long as it's consensual and doesn't have any adverse repercussions.Enjoy.Why not let us know how it all began and how you initiated it?

  • If its consensual then its nobodies business

  • Firstly he's under age and you're sick as f***.

  • Funny considering you molested a 9-year old for six months.

  • I had s** with my mom for the first time when I was 12 too. She always acted like she was sleeping but we both knew she was awake. She passed away when I was 15 and still j******* thinking about her. You have a lucky son lol.

  • How did you initiate it ? Do you let him come in your p**** ? Or finish in your mouth ?

  • I would love to watch

  • My wife died of cancer last year. My needs are satisfied by my daughter, who's 8 years old. She didn't like it at first, but now she sleeps in my bed and often initiates it. We both enjoy it, so there is nothing wrong in what we do.

  • I agree. I persuaded my daughter to have oral s** when she was 4. She's 7 now, and can take my full erection in her tight p****.

  • She seem's a bit young to be s******* you but if she enjoy's your c*** carry on f****** her. It's got me thinking though of f****** both of my twin daughters their twelve years old . my wife's away this week so maybe i'll give it a go and at least let them play with my c*** and then maybe coup a feel of their sweet young c***'s. So here goes wish me luck.

  • Go man Go.

  • There's nothing wrong with that do you have full intercourse with her or just lick her p**** and m********* her

  • "there is nothing wrong in what we do"? it's rape, you imbecile!!! and in addition to being crime, it's immoral! you should all die from this!!!

  • I bet you would f*** your daughter if you were given half a chance. so don't knock it.

  • But you bragged on another forum about getting the neighbor's twin 11 year olds drunk and then naked. Why is that okay?

  • I have s** with my brother all the time. Don't see a problem with that, since i'm on birth control.

  • I am f****** my sister, she just loves my c*** up her p****, she is 13 and i am 16. she wants me to get her pregnant.

  • Whats the problem with it

  • Good point again. I've been preaching on the web here for fifteen years how mainstream sexually intimate relations among family members truly is. My older sister & I practiced our sexual intimacy together regularly in the '80's.

  • are all just a bunch of sick f****. sicksicksicksicksick!!!!

  • Why are u reading it??

  • Quit calling people out after admitting your b*********.

  • No.They are not.Just consider any lover outside the family who can blackmail,extort,abuse them and p*** for them.This is safer as long as it's not forced.

  • Sick f****! sick f****! sick f****! sick f****! sick f****! sikh f****! sick f****! sick f****! siiiiiiiiiiiiick fuuuuuuuuucks!

  • All of those notching and complaining, pointing fingers, finding fault, and name calling, stop and think. You are the sick and guilty f****! Otherwise , why would you go to all the extra effort, and spend the time reading , if you weren't into it too? Get off your high horse and pull your head out of your mama or daddy's ass!

  • You have to know that birth defects for normal conceived pregnancy is 3%
    Babies conceived from incest is 2.8%
    The horror tales of incest deformities are from sixty plus years ago when incest was very common in rural America
    I lived in a small town in the south 98% of the population was related through generations of inter marriage
    Yto day that is an exception not the rule

  • Yeah incest is not only weird that it has birth defects but someone that once cherished you and thought you were so cute as baby ends up f****** you.

  • It not true incest causes defected babies , i f***** my sister and got her pregnant and she gave birth to an ordinary baby girl. our daughter is seven now and is perfectly normal.

  • Are you going to f*** her aswell when she old enough

  • Indeed & how fortunate that is for you girl. Keep in mind that you have a v***** mainly for him to satisfy his carnal & penile desires.

  • You are embarrassing yourself. STOP POSTING!!!

  • I want to do you. You sound hot when you're mad!!

  • I was 10 boy when i was molested by my girl cousin, she was 12, we did everything, first oral then s**. My 8 year old sister watched us and wanted to play to, so we molested her, she really loved it. She and i molested some more cousins, my sisters friends at sleepovers. This want on until she turned 13.

  • My wife is my cousin. In England and other advanced countries, it is legal. America should wake up and ignor its pastors. Marrying cousins does not cause wars - religion does.

  • I'm a British Citizen and I know for a fact, incest is illegal in the UK!! You don't know s***!

  • Actually, the legal definition of incest in the UK does not include first cousins, and cousins may even legally marry in the UK. There are some cultures where first cousin marriages are common, and some of the children resulting from those marriages have developmental problems, while others do not.

    There are also countries in the world where consensual adult incest is actually legal across the board.

  • Politics start wars, not religion. Stupid inbred dullard.

  • Solid. With no harm done psychologically or emotionally to anyone, only further indicates the innocence of such normal explorations & pleasures.

  • Average birth abnormalities is 1.2% / incest babies have abnormalities of 1.4% 80 yrs ago when laws were made to make incest illegal the gene pool in most if America was family close you may be your sisters uncle ,cousin daddy and brother . The horror of deformed babies is on the rise with normal babies because of drug s** so many druggie girls s**** for drugs with their dealers not family

  • Right now, I'm 36, when my mom was 19 she had me, right after my mom had turned 32 when i was 12, she'd announced she'd was pregnant, when she'd told me, i'd gotten throbbing hard when i felt her baby, then i'd gone in my room and put on my nylon short shorts, i'd rubbed myself in my short shorts. every night when my mom had said goodnight to me, she'd wore those seethrough gowns, i'd seen how high her panties had gotten when her tummy had started swelling, her b**** had gotten a little bit large too. after she'd leave my room and closed the door, i'd rubbed myself in my briefs. one day when my mom had reached around 5 months pregnant, i was in my speedo and i was to have gone to a friend's house for swimming when my mom had gotten home, i'd gotten a throbbing hard bulge in my speedo when my mom wanted me to feel her baby. when i'd gotten done feeling my mom's baby i was on my way out when my mom said "sweetheart." i'd turned around and there she was in her panties stretched higher over her swelling tummy and white lace bra, i'd stared at her 2 inches of her bare tummy between her bra and panties when she'd asked "how's your stiffy sweetheart?" i'd said "it sorta feels weird." my mom had said "i thought so." then my mom had wanted me to feel her baby more when she'd done a hand job on my stiffy. then we'd both got naked and had s** with each other in the bathtub, it was the first time my mom and me had s** with each other ever and no it's wasn't my kid in her cunny.

  • Luky you.

  • That was a lovely story! I'd love to hear more about your sexual experiences.

  • My mum us to walk about in the nude and my thirteen tear old c*** would get very hard and she just laugh and play with my c*** till i c** and she would catch it in her hand and swallow it.

  • Its all just family wants or needs, nothing wrong with mom and son, or daughter and dad. as long as its consentual.

  • You're part right regarding a family's needs however it isn't difficult to find how mainstream a father subduing his daughter for sexual relations or a son doing the same to his mother, has become. Mothers are largely caring to their son anyhow & it is very natural for every daughter to desire her father in that fashion. Sometimes gals just need assertiveness applied to them to understand nature more fully.

  • I agree i have been f****** my thirteen year old daughter every since she caught me and my wife f******. She walked in on us f****** one day and It was not till we had finished s******* when i noticed her watching us. She said what you doing to mummy daddy, i was a bit shocked see her there at first and said i am making love to your mother. She gave me a smile and said i love you too daddy can you make love like that too me, i looked at my wife and she smiled said and i don't mind why don't you f*** her as well i think she ready to take your c*** and she began to undress our daughter of all her clothes . I was having second thoughts at first till saw her standing there naked looking a young angel staring at my rock hard c*** and smiling. i said do you want to feel my c*** sweetheart she replied Oh yes please daddy and took hold of my rampant seven inch p****. I let her play with it for a while and then said daddies ready to f*** you now and laid her down and i got on top of her and slowly put my c*** between her p**** lips and very slowly drove it all the way in her young virgin c*** and gentle pushed it all, the way up her till i bottomed out in her young body. We lay there for some time just letting her get used to having my c*** in her c*** and then i slowly pulled it almost out and then drove it hard into her c***. then i began f****** her for sometime and she was yes Oh yes daddy i like your c*** f****** me do it some more, i picked up the pace and began to f*** her hard. after fifteen minutes i felt i was about to c**, I said are you ready sweetheart daddies about to c** and i'm going to fill your womb with all my baby making s**** she said Oh yes daddy please make a baby in me and shoot all your s**** in my womb. I never managed to get her pregnant that time but she is now seventeen and five months pregnant with our first baby.

  • Bunch of brainwashed bullshit. You want proof ?


    Your family when you are too young to remember are split up. You have half a dozen siblings. None of you ever meet. Years later someone who has your records invites you all to a party along with a dozen other non related people. But you're not told your siblings are there.

    Please do tell me how you'd know which one of them was "wrong" to have a sexual attraction to.

    Let me answer that before you come up with some retarded deus ex machina like you'd "just know". You wouldn't know. And this s*** sometimes happens - more so because people with shared genetics have a greater attraction to each other, and when you take away the stigma and knowledge they are family, attraction occurs.

    If you just wanna talk about the increased genetic risks. Go ahead. That's rational. Everything else is just your brainwashed, puritan bs crap that's lodged in your head.

  • I agree with what you state as puritanical brainworshing. That is what it is INDEED. All most need to know is the increased risk of genetic mutation occurring & the necessary mitigation needed in preventing that. Aside from that however, research will & does indicate absolutely NO harm in recurring sexual relations among close, loving family members. Incest may even soon prevail regarding some future copulating statistics once we are able to rid the psyche on a global level of that antiquated brainworshing.

  • In many countries, incest is legal.

  • Not legal it ignored.

  • No, it is legal.

  • When i read alot of the pregnant mother comments from their sons, when they were young, from those naughtyposts and from these confessionposts, i was sexually turned on. i was just 9, i saw my mother in just her bikini when we were at the beach, she was sexy and slim then. i'd gotten hard in my speedo when she told me she was pregnant, we were in a secret part of the beach, so it was fun when she rubbed the bulge in my speedo and i got to feel her still flat tummy. i got to watch her tummy grow until the baby had come out.

  • My son got me pregnant when he was 13. After my divotce, I became desperate for s**. I used my son to satisfy myy needs.

  • Good for you.

  • As a doctor,I have seen many cases.There is nothing wrong as long as it's consensual and there aren't any adverse repercussions.I have been writing to many people here to assure them So there should be no guilt experienced.Just make sure,that he does not squeal and brag in front of his friends.At times,some do and then t becomes the talk of the town.Worse scenario is when they want to share the mom with the son.Some sons actually invite friends.The woman does enjoy it in the initial stages but later she is forced to become a s** slave.So don't let that happen unless you want it that way.Best luck.

  • You're a fictionologist

  • You are a proctologist.

  • Was the baby yours.....

  • I was only 9, so the baby wasn't mine, she even let me see her in her big panties and bras, she even breast fed me, when her tummy first got big, i got hard in my short shorts when she willingly lifted up her blouse and i saw how the front of her short shorts had stretched across her swelling tummy, she had on a pretty bra, when i wore short shorts when she was pregnant, she was turned on by that. just days before she'd told me she was pregnant, she was in her panties and bra, i got hard when she told me she might be pregnant, she let me feel her tummy anyway.

  • .i too read some pregnant mother son incest comments and stories, i was 13 when my mother was pregnant with our daughter, who was born healthy, graduated 1 year sooner from high school, been married to someone else since her college days, in her late 20s and has 2 healthy boys from the marriage. way back when my mother was pregnant with our daughter, she sometimes showed off her belly in those big stretchy panties and bras. when my mother's prenancy first began to show, she had on pregnant short shorts, stretched over her swelling belly hiding her navel, and bra, her bare tummy between her bra and the top of her short shorts made me throbbing hard in my running shorts. when she first told me she was pregnant with our baby, we were at a private lake, i was in my speedo, she was in her bikini, looking at her slim sexy body with our baby on the way sexually aroused me that i cummed in my speedo. the day our baby happened, my mother had on her panties, stretched over her navel, and bra, i had on flyless briefs and was i hard in them when i looked at her bare tummy when she invited me to bed with her.

  • Now that is a real close bonding family with no secrets or hangups,

  • I am not for it, however, You do know that the risk for a lot of the defects is a lot lower then was believed? It doesn't make incest right by any means, just that it won't automatically mean a child is born with defects. just a heads up.

  • If you and your mother or a sister enjoying f****** each other who's to say it incest and not right if you are both consenting. My mother gather her consented for to me f****** her and we now have twin girls who are both perfect.

  • That's more like it with one correction. Regarding incest as not being right is merely your opinion. You'd be well advised to just take care of yourself & WE as adults will process our own intelligence and behave in the interest best for all involved.

  • I f***** my sister's c***.

  • Me too many times, was caught many times by our mother, after a while she accepted our need, and let us mate.

  • So do I. Our mum walked in on us once. Now I'm expected to fulfil mum's needs as well. Surprisingly, she's tighter than my sister.

  • I know what you mean. I'm 19 and I use my sisters aged 11 and 13. Mum is 49 and, believe me, she is tighter than both of them

  • Let me borrow them lol

  • The closer the kin the quicker it's in, so get with the program dude. I did both of my sisters when we were teenagers, and it was the best s** I ever had!

  • I moved to the city when I was about 22.One weekend my sister was was about 40 came to visit me,
    So we went out partying and had quite a few drinks and went home.My sister went to her room and I
    Undressed in my room and put on my boxers only and went into the lounge to listen to some music.My sister came in and she was wearing a long red gown and said she felt like having a slow dance with me,so we danced.While we were dancing I could feel her crotch rubbing against my thigh,then she was actually rubbing her p**** on my thigh.I held her a*** and started rubbing my thigh on her p****,and I could hear her moaning.I took off her gown and she was wearing sheer black panties and bra.I grabbed her a*** cheeks and massaged her p**** on my thigh,her p**** was dripping.I put my hand in her panties and was fingering her wet p**** while she was stroking my c***.She held my c*** tight and was rubbing her p**** h****** my fingers and then she moaned with pleasure,as she came on my fingers.We stood there for a while then she took my c*** and put it on the crotch of her panties and started wanking my c*** ,I could feel her wet p**** through her panties,I could not hold on so I moved her panties to one side and she took my c*** and put it in her p****.She was rubbing her p**** real h****** my c*** and I shot a load in her p**** and she came again.I climbed into bed and she got in next to me,I was out like a log.
    THe next morning I woke up and she was stroking my c***,then she took my c*** in her mouth and sucked it,then she sat on my c*** and f***** me again.We stayed in the whole Sunday and f***** like jack rabbits.

  • That was an amazing story! definitely exciting.

  • Incest started with Adam and Eve,the Forbidden Fruit is more TASTIER

  • IT sounds like you are already in to incest, reading your confession you appear angry and are shouting very loud about incest, the person that shouts the loudest is usually the biggest sinner, you have f***** your sister so you are on your way, stop being angry and join in the family fun you don't know what you are missing, you say incest is nasty, only if its not consenting. it best to be taught by your family, it bonds the family together more, think about what I have said and give me a comment, HJ

  • I don't know what the big deal is? I think that s** in the family is normal. Ive had my p**** sucked and touched since extremely young and my brothers and sisters were all older than me. my step dad would bathe us and we`d all take turns playing with and sucking his p**** we did this for years until I was 8, then he went away. We all kept playing with each other like he showed us to it was everyday normal til they grew out of the house and moved out. the fun part was when one of them visited and we played like good old days... and holidays. no intercourse but a lot of other things. I guess if the person was gross and dirty, I guess we were lucky our step dad had a nice one!!!

  • my little daughter just got finished sucking my (she calls it my "thingie") p****. i came in her mouth and as you might think she almost wreched. i put on a s** video to teach her about birds and bees, but as soon as it started playing, her bottoms and panties came off and she was in fingertown. am i wrong for doing this?

  • No, now all you have got to do is f*** her and she will want it all the time then. Mine sister did and i got her pregnant.

  • Not at all. If she has gone 7, you should get up her and teach her what it is really like. Once she gets used to having you inside her, she'll want it all the time.

  • My wife taught our daughter to blow me and swallow my s**** when she was just 4 years old. I first f***** her a month after her 7th birthday. Her bald p**** was so tight. I had never f***** anything like it before. She's 10 now, and she loves having my c*** up her. My wife has already started f****** our son, who is 13. I often f*** my daughter on the same bed where my wife is f****** our son. My wife loves to see my c*** sliding in and out of our daughter's tight c***, and I get turned on watching my wife sucking our son off.

  • This type of scenario should be much more common & much more embraced as a loving family behaves.

  • A family that f**** together stays together

  • I go crazy when I see my husband f****** our 10-year-old daughter and hear her moaning as she has an o*****. Family love is the bestt.

  • That's incredible hot. I caught my husband j********** over our 9 year old daughter's nude ass when she was sleeping. He didn't know I saw and I never said a word to him. Watching him cover her ass with his fun made me the wettest I've ever been

  • I rub myself off watching my husband use our 7-year-old daughter. which he does about 3 times a week. It took her about five weeks before she realised how pleasurable it is. Now she often comes to our bed in the morning, and I cream myself watching her little buttocks rising and falling as she urges her dad on.

  • And you woman, are to be commended for your brilliance in raising your daughter well. After all, satisfying the Man of the house is key to many rewards.

  • I agree. I started blowing my son when he was five. Six years later he came in my mouth. I started riding him when he was twelve. He loves it

  • Now that's a great momma. You're the mom I always wished I had when I was growing up

  • The second i found out what s** was my first reaction was to see if mom would have s** with me i was really young our parents sat my sister and i down and had a talk about s** and incest i have never understood why its wrong, as long as its not forced... and they answered all of our questions openly and honestly about how they feel how society feels and that it's against the law, my sister was 10 and i was 8 i had had been masterbating since i was 4 thinking bout mom and sis naked... i feel no guilt or shame so yeah alot of people molest there kids... i was not molested... i come from a wonderful home... my family is the least disfuncional family i know and we practiced incest..

  • More mothers should realise that their sons enjoy their mothers blowing them - and more! I certainly enjoyed it. I'm 22 now, and my mum is like my wife now. She's even given birth to our beautiful baby daughter.

  • Good job mother ; as long as you keep swallowing his all his s**** when he e********* in your mouth.

  • I started messing around orally with my step duaghter in turn around six yoa. It was the most exciting sexual play I have ever had. But there wasa price, 9 years in prison when I got cought. Cant say it was woeth it.

  • You people make me sick taking advantage of little kids there's a special place in h*** for people like that they call damn pedophiles

  • I bet given half a chance you would love to f*** your own daughter

  • Enjoy it and long may it last.
    I love panties too.

  • Good man

  • My 8 year old sucks my c*** and I f*** her afterwards.

  • I do the same with my 7-year-old daughter. It's fantastic when they're so young, isn't it?

  • Right now my 7 year old is sucking me,love it great feeling.

  • Fake

  • My mother f**** with me whenever my father is away.

  • Mine too. She started when I was 13. I'm 19 now, and I can't get enough of her.

  • My mom used to f*** me every time dad was away, and I didnt mind it, she was fantastic f***!, after I got married my wife and her use to do other guys together, and her boyfriend knocked up my wife so now am dad to my moms boyfriends baby, I was so hot i wanted it, now reality sets in, I have to raise his kid but I did love my wife carryig his baby. baby.

  • Nasty s***

  • Strange..but i bathe my daughters when they were little girls and was NEVER sexually excited though i understand this sexual behavior with children....

  • I've never f***** my mom, but I have had s** with my sister - it just happened and there is nothiong i can do to change it - but having s** with a family member is something only you can understand if it happened to you. We are now in our late 50's and act as if it never happened, but at the time it was taboo, but it was great

  • I had s** with my sister too when I was 8 and she was 11. Started with dry humping. Ended up having regular s** for a couple of years. Now I love reading about others experiences too

  • I too f***** my sis many times when we were early teens, she was cheerleader and hot to trot, so one day mom and dad were out of town and sis came home early and was laying on her bed, legs spread and her panties were wet, so I pulled them off and f***** her 3 times in 4 hours, never pulling out, was best f*** ever.

  • your parents are siblings, aren't they ? admit it, you mutant

  • My mother first f***** me when I was 14. I'm 19 now, and we f*** all the time.

  • Can you give us some more details like how your mother looked nude and exactly how it happened, step by step, the first time. it would be nice to know all of these details for the first time you had oral and a*** s**, too.

  • So good for mom to get her son, have did my mom too she loves me to do her.

  • I f*** my daughter regularly ,she's going to set up her 2 best friends 12 & 14
    for my birthday this friday. Anxious for that day.

  • Happy birthday enjoy your birthday present.

  • Lucky dad and a wonderful daughter
    Wish I were her set up

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