SHUT THE F*** UP!!!!!!!!

I truly hate coming to this website and reading posts about people then in the comments there's stuff that says " go eat s*** you lying f***, FAKE!, dude your messed up, go see a theripst you need held 138" it angers me. We come to this site to confess the thing going on in our life, our past, realtionships, s** lifes, s** fantises. So when we confess we don't want some one telling us we need held or saying 'go f*** your self.' we only want to get rid of the stress we have going on. So if you don't like it get off this f****** site now. We don't need your criticism to make us feel any worse. And if you don't like if f*** off and keep your g******* opions to your self!

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  • Yes, and I also feel the same way about FAKE F****** POSTS.

    Why do people love to whine about negative comments but never about negative or fake posts?

    Oh, right. Because the whiners are the fake posters who aren't getting the exact kind of attention they want, so they get sanctimonious and act like the people calling them out are the bad guys. Typical emotional-r***** move.

  • he DOES have a point. there r 2 many idiots these days who waste every-freaking-body's frickin time!

  • Anonymous, I agree. Just ignore the a****** with the repetitive comments. Ultimately, he is just looking for attention.

  • Agreed ! I hate the pathetic m***********(s) who do that to this site. Wastes everybody's f****** time while trying to scroll to LEGITIMATE comments.

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