I don't kno how to describe...sick...

I don't know what and how to describe myself.I feel like a j***,a pervert the worst human to have ever walked the earth...But yet I can't stop the things I do...I am a sexoholic,a nymphomaniac...I'm obsessed about s**,I have Bizzare Fantasies and acted on the worst of S** fantasies...I am a good looking 20 year old guy,I go to college,I am famous among the girls...Nobody knows my Dark secrets... I won't narrate the stories,I'm just here to confess and not tell all these s*** incidents...It feels aweful to have done all these stuff and I want to let it out,I can't keep it to myself :(
I have had S** with two different maids of our house,But now we have stopped...and all these are all consentual,none of these were rape.I am a good looking guy so It wasn't that hard to Convince and I am good at seducing...I have been having s** with my best friend who is a girl,we still have...I have had sexual relation with my cousin sister (though she was the one who seduced seduced me) she still seduces me and if I refuse to have s** she sends all sorta rubbish msgs and abuses...I get drunk sleep around with numerous girls... to top it all when I was about 19 I had s** with an underage...She was just 13 years old...I feel sick...I seduced her to have s** with me...and now I feel sick but now she instead seduces me to have s** with her...and I can't control myself,I have had threesome,It was my cousin and the underaged girl...I had s** with my friend's girlfriend,they both are still together and its a very uncomfortable moment...I have had s** with my neighbour,woman who is married.she has a child.her husband is abroad working...It all started with eye contacts through the window...strippng in front of the window like she did nit nitice me...invite me over and stuffs...
I have other h*** lota s****...and it makes me feels sick...but Still cannot control myself from doing it...I am a good person...untill I am in need of s**...girls love me too...still why with all the bizzare fantasies...and now i suffer from depression...panic and anxiety disorder...I feel like suiciding...

Dec 8, 2011

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  • I'm a Girl and I get strong s** urges. I have a habit of choosing boyfriends due to how easily I can bed them and if I can bed them often.The relationships last a long time, most of the time :) Moral: find a girl who likes s** as much as you and is willing to f*** you 24/7

  • Not cool your a d*** for f****** your friends girl. you broke bro code just j*** off in the bath or thinks of fat old ladies. the other stuff not a big deal weve all had s** with a sibling.

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