I don't f****** get it.

I'm watching those around me throw away there lives. I'm a senior in high school. I got my s*** figured out. I hate the human population, I honestly do. I think this world is f****** bull s***. If your not going to contribute, if your going to f*** up this earth more, f****** kill yourself. Everybody keeps saying, or I don't have to worry about global warming. No? If your reincarnated you sure as f*** do. That possibilty holds a higher standard than that of god or afterlife, science can prove that. Energy can't be destroyed or made. And you know whats the f****** point of laws, hardly anyone obeys them. I don't want to get married. I don't want friends. I f****** hate this world. Humans are like two kinds of species, morons and intelligent organisms how actually strive to live and care for one another. That's all we need, f*** everyone else. F*** "gangsters", drug useres, murders, crime s*******, f*** them all. I vote kill everyone in prison quit wasting my g******* tax money. Kill all the offenders. Who gives a f****** s***. Not me.

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