Obsessed With Panties

I am completely obsessed with girls' panties. I can scarcely look at a woman without imagining seeing her in her panties. I find myself l****** after women who wouldn't normally attract any attention just because they have a visible panty line, or because it happen to see the top of their panties peeking up out of their slacks.

I m********* frequently and have spent thousands of dollars over the years on phone s**. Always wanting the girl to tell me about the first time she let an older man c** all over her panties.

So please, ladies, tell me about the first time you let an older man c** all over your panties.

Dec 13, 2011

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  • I've always been totally obsessed with seeing girls in their panties and bras that's my favorite thing in the whole world I'm a straight man but I'm so upset I put on panties and it turns me on

  • Many guys are obsessed. Since you can order online there is a better selection and the stigma of buying in person is gone. There are hundreds of panty types out there. Men's women's cheap , expensive. Those who like to j*** off using panties will never run out. You could own drawer after drawer full in weeks. Panty lovers are making the sellers and makers very happy.

  • I wear women's panties everyday. I like nylon/spandex, they feel so nice and I love the assortment of colors, especially red, pink, purple and yellow. I like to wear them around the house when no one is home and when I get a new pair, I'm like a kid at Christmas. I like to wear panties that belong to women I know.

  • you need help
    like having a girl sit on your face in some stinky panties .. for a few hours .. itll fix ya

    if it dont get a seriously fat chick , like that fat canot wipe own ass fat to sit on your face a while

    if you survive it , you wont wanna see panties again ever

  • I like panties as well. I wear my wifes while i look at myself wanking in the mirror.

  • I also like to w*** in pantys as well as wear them daily

  • R u there to talk?

  • You sound like my boyfriend all he talks about is my panties.

  • I was fourteen the first time a guy came on my panties. It was my boyfriend. We were making out and we started grinding. It was feeling good but he came so fast.

  • i love to see young women's panties too,and when ever i can i try to get to let me have them...i hardly ever get them.

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