I had a strange experience when me, my wife and another couple were at the Museum of Science Imax theater in Boston. I was the first to enter our row which had me ending up sitting next to my wife on one side and a another beautiful woman, a stranger, on the other. The stranger was also part of a couple, I had a chance to eyeball them before the lights went down. She however did not look my way. At least I didn't notice any glancing when I was furtively sneaking a peek at her ample bared cleavage. I had a hard time keeping my attention on the Imax flick which was not that easy to do, and about half-way through the the spectacle the stranger's hand found its way to my thigh and she gently rubbed my leg in the dark. I looked over to her but she stared straight ahead. I checked to see if my wife had noticed the action from next door, but it was too dark to see. I put my hand over hers to both hide it and to feel it, and lead it to my growing wood. Encountering my member, she wrapped her hand around what she could and just held on tight. I urged some up and down action but she would not accommodate. I didn't want to push things so I just enjoyed her touch until the movie ended and she removed her hand which had to be a little sticky from the spot growing on my pants. I watched as her and her husband disappeared into the crowd and wondered if he was going to get a f****** when they got home. I know that was my plan for my unsuspecting wife. FYI, this was not the first time I was fondled in public, somewhat, by a stranger. The first time was on a greyhound. I was passed out from a few too many drinks at the depot bar and when I woke up a young woman was stroking my c*** and smiling at me with l*** in her pretty blue eyes. Unlike the girl in the theater, this one finished what she started. At the next stop she introduced me to her mother who had been sitting up front all this time, and we went into the depot for some coffee and chat. My question is, do alot of women have this s** with a stranger fantasy?

Dec 20, 2011

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  • I am 19 female and yes I have had many sexual fantasies and up until last year I kept them to myself but at a party playing truth or dare I told a few and that night three boys took advantage of one

  • I took a long shuttle ride this summer at night.I was seated next to my girlfriend's married aunt.We were covered with a blanket and I had my hand inside her thighs.She pretended to be sleep the whol time.When I asked her later,she said she did not remember the event.

  • She knew, did it get damp down there?

  • Thanks for the comment and knowing the confessions turned you on turned me on. Have you ever acted on your fantasies? Please share them with us.

  • I'm glad I could turn you on. Nope, I've never acted on my fantasies, but it's not because I haven't had the opportunity. I wish I could have the nerve to do it.

  • I have always wondered how those women were able to summon that sexual courage. It was easy for me to accept the advances, as soon as thsre hands found their targets my own highly charged sexual nature took over even in my sleep (until it was too hard to ignore). The younger girl was a little wildcat, while the older woman was very careful and she seemed to act as if nothing was happening except for the firm grip she had around my c***. I have asked male friends if they what they would do in such a situation. Those that believed my story (there were a few unbelievers)were split among those who who would have taken my tack, while a few others, claiming faithfulness (cuckoldness) to their wives or lady friends would have removed their hands. I'm guessing that these women had strong sexual desires and could somehow tell (pheremones maybe)that I was not going to stand in the way of their fantasies, whatever it was they took me by surprise and were successful in their quests. As for your nerve problem, and it does take some, if most men are like me and I think they are, they would be totally grateful for the feel of yor soft hands on their evergrowing d****. Goodluck in all your sexual endeavours and I wish it was me to help you lose your "stranger s**" virginity. I will be writing another confession, maybe today, about a wild tryst on the living room floor with a former girlfriend's mother after my girlfiend passed on the couch just inches away from our sucking, f******, and of all things unquiet, I gave her a good spanking for being such a bad mother. Got to go for now.

  • Sounds HOT!! I'm a married woman and yes, I have stranger s** fantasies. Thank you for making my night ;-)

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