I like wearing panties.

I'm a happily married man but I have a secret which is that I love wearing ladies undies. I get so turned on when I pull on my wifes panties that i j*** myself off while I look at myself in the mirror. The other week when out shopping by myself I bought some black stockings. I was so hard at the anticipation that I couldnt wait to get home.Once home i locked all the doors and raided the laundry basket for her panties. I stripped off pulled the panties on and sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the stockings on. I was so excited I came before I pulled the second one up. What an o***** it was good. the best ever. Now i want to meet up with someone of similar tastes to swap panties.

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  • Wife gone out for the night with friends.....How cool is that...Stripped right off and pulled on her blue panties hard as anything i then went on line and chatted to similar....Wanked....came....would love to do it so some one could see me...I want to be seen in panties. Is that wrong?

  • I know its wrong but when my wife was out shopping yesterday I slipped into her worn panties and instantly I was hard and so started stroking slowly. I looked at myself in the mirror and wished that it was the chap who replied to my first post that was watching me and telling me what to do,i stroked slowly never revealing my c*** until i came soaking her panties.I felt guilty when i took them off and put them in the washing machine to hide the evidence but it was so nice. Is this wrong or what.

  • I love wearing them too! I love it and sometimes I even go with the bra and dress and it's amazing. I would love to swap with u. ;)

  • Thats real cool. I've never worn a bra before but theres always a first time. After that first time with stockings when I came suddenly (very nice) I have worn them since along with suspenders. They feel fantastic and make me so hard. I love white cotton lacy panties best with black stockings and suspenders but would love any if your up for it. Would love you to see me in my panties jerking wanking. Any ideas how tp go about it Im new to all this computer stuff.

  • Yeah, just go to www.lemonparty.org and
    I will meet u : D

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