My wife gets very h**** when drunk

About ones a month my wife and I get really drunk by playing card games, the one that looses has to drink. My wife gets tipsy then puts on some very sexy and revealing clothes and we continue to play. My wife has big t*** so any time she wears low cut blouses it turns me on. She gets so h**** when she is drunk by the time we call it good on the alcohol her clothes are almost off, her tight lingerie barely contain her big t*** so every time she bends over her t*** want to fall out. We go to the bed and I put on an adult movie, one that has h**** wives getting f***** by strangers with massive c****. she rests her head on my stomach facing the TV. I can tell when she is getting very h**** because she starts playing with my c*** so then I work my hand down to her p**** which is now very moist. It has been my fantasy to see my wife get f***** by a man with a huge c*** for a long time, especially a black man with a monster c***. As I finger her p**** I tell her that I want to see her get f***** by the man on the screen she just moans and sucks my d***. I talk dirty to her and tell her that she can suck his big c*** better than the girl on the screen. Then I take out a big black d**** that i bought to use on her on occasions like this and gently slide it in my wife's now soaking, wet, eager p**** as I slowly push it in her she arches her back and prepares for the massive c*** she almost instantly has an o***** as the full length of the d**** is buried in her p****. I tell her I want to see a real c*** that big f*** and she moans louder and louder as she thrusts her hips back onto the big d****. I put on movies that have men like ManDingo, Shane Diesel and Jack Napier. I always tell my wife that I want to see them f*** her good as she keeps thrusting her hips back and forth faster and faster on to the large c***. Then I tell her I want to see her ride it so she gets up on her knees and positions herself over the BBC and slowly slides it in impaling herself on the massive c*** and then she starts bouncing on it faster and faster as I stand next to her so she can suck my d***. She c*** over and over with the massive c*** deep in her p****. Her b******* are so incredible. I tell her that men would pay money for her b******* and that there isn't man alive that wouldn't c** with her sucking his d***, it makes her suck my d*** even harder. When I finally c** in her mouth she eagerly swallows it and continues to suck my d*** as she continues to ride the massive d****. I can't wait till I see a real BBC f*** her. If there is anyone out there with a huge monster c*** let me know I want to see you f*** my wife.

Jan 1, 2012


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  • What if she loves the big d*** and when she wants to F*** she doesn't want your smaller d*** anymore, it happens, what then

  • Amazing. My wife and I roleplay mfm during s**. She has agreed to it all except a***. I tell her while she's sucking my d*** and I'm fingering her. She's on all fours. She moans and agrees to suck d*** while I f*** her. She explodes. She loves the thought and feeling of two c****

  • F***** q**** learn how to f*** ur wife yourself loser

  • HOT!!!

  • Gay much?

  • that previous comment doesn't even make sense? what a f****** tard.

    i say if she loves it then jam it up her! my wife loves to be spit=roasted by me and our suction d**** and she's more than welcome to it since it turns me on to see her copping d*** from both ends/

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