I hate my **

I hate my **. They're so big. I wish they were smaller. I started growing ** when I was 10 and now I'm 16. I wear a size 36 c. What really annoys me about them is that they kinda sag if I don't wear a bra and they bounce when I'm running. I hate when I'm at P.E. and I'm running the mile and the P.E. teacher stares at my ** while I'm running. I hate when people stare at my **. It makes me feel so uncomfortable. I just wish they were like a size b cup. Not too small or too big. And I have stretch marks on my ** too! I'm not even fat. Like, I'm skinny but then my ** are like BAM. I try to wear baggy shirts so people won't notice them.

Jan 1, 2012

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  • Yeah, iGot Bigger **, Then You And Im Only 14, Your Lucky,

  • Big ** are nice, love them and don't worry atleast your not flat-chested.

  • C is a completely normal cup size. Try being a natural 34 F, then complain. The rest of your body will probably grow into your breast size.
    As for stretch marks, lotion will do wonders, especially as you're most likely still growing everywhere. Skin will repair itself pretty well if you help it along.
    Wear a sports bra while running, or, **, all the time, and you'll have less problems with uncomfortable movement and with people staring. It'll limit your choices in shirts, but you seem not to have a problem wearing baggy clothing if it will disguise your breast size.

  • "if people see a mansion or a supercar or a huge pool they stare "

    or, if people see giant saggy ** they stare and wonder how they would look like if you'd gently slap them around like wet sandbags.

  • i agree be proud of who you are and say ** the drama. try a tighter sports bra for p.e. and maybe some lotion and tanning for the stretch marks? your mom should be able to help good luck

  • don't cut them off, that guy obviously flosses with ** hairs.

    don't be so upset about them, young girls these days compare themselves to size 6 models with DD implants into their original A cups. the right guy will appreciate your succulent bosoms, be proud that a lot of girls would give their left arm to have a large, natural rack like yours. ignore the pervs, if people see a mansion or a supercar or a huge pool they stare and envy it.

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