Sexuality fluctuation and j**********

After years of masturbating quite rough, and having s** in a similar fashion, my p**** has developed a bruise on it. In an effort to let it heal, i try to stop masturbating and having s**. the longest ive gone was 3 weeks, and it was pretty close to healed.

anyway, im a closeted bisexual guy. I like girls and very feminine men. When I m********* regularly, im into girls and guys kind of equally, but i do look at guys more online. When I say guys, i mean very feminine ones, cross dressers/transgendered and guys who are very obviously homosexual, and never bi.

After a few days of not masturbating, ive noticed a pattern over the years of trying to let my p**** heal fully. My interest in women decreases, and my interest in feminine men goes down as well. I want MEN. I start to look at masculine(at least, more masculine than im used to) guys, and i want to be dominated, i want to be f***** in the a****** and cummed in raw. I start to act more feminine myself.

After about 2 and 1/2 weeks, i no longer have any interest in men that ive noticed. Im used to not masturbating mostly, and i can handle it at this point(for the most part, but i always seem to slip up). I start to find women more attractive than anything else, and i start to act more like a guy, or like i usually do as if i never stopped j**********. I dont really need hard s** at this point, just want to f*** a girl.

I think there are two contributing factors: due to the bruise, my p**** is not very sensitive, so a lot of my sexual pleasure comes from the head of my p**** and my a******(due to the fact that its not that sensitive, my p**** never really gets that hard til a few weeks later in this process). In addition, my hormones are obviously going through changes as I stop having sexual gratification. They say gay men have a lot more testosterone, and being bisexual, I probably have some extra as well. Im sure its spiking due to the need for sexual gratification, but at the same time, im thinking my estrogen is going up because i definitely start acting more feminine during the first few days. Its true that if your testosterone goes up, your estrogen usually does as well (which is why men who take steroids have to take estrogen blockers)

After a few weeks of not masturbating i can actually feel my p**** in ways i couldnt before, its not sore at all, and my shaft is just extremely sensitive, and it gets ROCK hard, so my interest in vaginal penetration goes up, and i think my hormones balance out as i dont really act girly at this point.

right now i havent masturbated in 3 days. i want to have a guys throbbing cummy raw d*** inside my ass and mouth in the worst way. im trying so hard to not m*********. I had to write this so i can avoid looking at p***.

curious if anyone else has noticed patterns like this in their life

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  • There's nothing wrong about being bisexual. I agree that you need to see a urologist and get checked for STDs.

  • Your bi which means your basically have no ethic code and will f*** anything! Bi people are f***** in the head! Why not go f*** animals as well.people like YOU are the HIV speaders of the world not gay or staight people but f***** up bisexual men who f*** everything and keep it a secret while being unsafe and deceitful.your seriously gross and need help!

  • I dont f*** just anyone. You dont even know what ethics are, and im sure you cant make a coherent ethical argument.

    Ive never been with a man, and if i ever do decide to be with one, he will be a good, clean person.

  • the bruise is common if you look at d**** in p***. The guys who have it are always circumsized (like me)

    whats so disgusting about bisexual guys?

  • you are definitely bi-sexual, no question about that

    you just have to explore your needs and figure it all out.

    i agree with another user, get your p**** checked out to make sure that you haven't damaged anything.

    hope this helps

  • Um, personally I find guys who are bisexual disgusting (no offfense) and I would never have s** with one. But in all seriousness I think you should go to the doctor and have this bruise checked out. It might be a rash or an std you never know. Unnessisary roughness to your little soldier might have caused some never damage...leading to your cause of less sensitivity....or maybe your just weird. I hope that helps.....just go to a sounds like a huge bruise....I bet your in pain o_o

  • Um, personally I find your parents disgusting pieces of s*** for ever giving birth to you (no offense) please go die in a car fire.

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