I steal my parents vibrators and s** toys.

I am 11 and have started masturbating. I have also stolen my parents s** toys and use them for myself. I also fantasize about friends at school.

Jan 12, 2012

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  • When I was 7 I found out that the back massager felt good down there and I did use it. But for some reason i felt guilty and told her. Now I'm 10 and I need to use, just that I think I should sneak it away and when she asks I will say I am using it for my back. Help

  • I wish you had found mycock at 7 it would have felt much nicer "down there"

  • Send a nude to me

  • F*** off shes 10! you perv!!

  • Bit old for me maybe she has a little sister

  • I've done the same when I was younger. I am a male and I use to love licking my mom's dried juices off her toys. I still do almost 6 years later!

  • I m********* as well and I did use my mom's vibrator, but she figured out. She let me keep it but it died a few months later. I know that they have a d**** and I want to use it, but I dont know how to steal it from them. WITHOUT them knowing. I usually plot on how to get it, but i don't know sneak it away. Any help?

  • good girl

  • Is not a girl who leave this comentary is a f-u-k-i-n-g f-a-g y-o-u i-d-i-o-t

  • Ewwwwwww they use it too you know :s

  • It is perfectly normal to be interested in s** at your age. If you do use your parents s** toys, just wash them well with soap and warm water before AND after you use it. If s** toys aren't properly cleaned, you can get a serious infection. You don't want that. Anyway,don't have s** with anyone until you're old enough to understand how to be safe about it. Just keep to masturbating. Oh, and IGNORE that idiot pervet on here who asked you to describe how you m*********. He is gross.

  • HI sexy, Please tell us in detail about how you m********* an o***** ,OK

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