Oh mys....This is DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!!!

This is driving me mental!!! There's a sexy neighbour next door to me and she is smoking hot!!! I've had so many dreams about me and her f****** each other in bed and I want this to stop! But sadly she's married and has a 13 yr old boy.Her husband is right on but works overseas for 6 weeks and home for 6 weeks, they have an outdoor hot tub behind their house and she looks so good in a two piece bikini. Watching her from the spare bedroom window relax in steaming hot water almost made my temperature bust!. If I don't find a way to get my hands on that sexy rockin body of hers I won't know what to do with myself, I just want to have s** with her SOOOOOOO BAD!! I'm 20 and she's 42. I just want to find a way to sneak into her house and f*** her all night long.

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  • I had one like that, too..Hot, smoking body, beautiful face, long blonde hair. Husband on the road for weeks at a time. Her back yard and pool was two short yards down from my back porch, and I'd eye her up, tanning in her tiny, blue bikini while the kids were in the pool, almost every day. Their dog would jump the short fence sometimes, and end up in my yard, requiring me to take him back and talk to her.

    She never covered up or sent one of the kids to get the dog from me. Was always her, in that stringy bikini, meeting me to take the dog back. Was lucky to get a few hugs from her and press my body against hers for long enough she wouldn't notice, and maybe even enjoy it, as husband was gone, but not too long to seem like I was forcing myself on her. Which, I would have loved to.

  • Go introduce yourself to her.

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