I did something a bit bad

I am 25 and have had the same boyfriend for just under 2 years, so our sexual relationship is quite well developed. Most of the time he c*** before i do, so he sometimes goes down on me afterwards and gets his own c** on his mouth while doing it. He didn't like doing that initially, but seems to have gotten more used to it now, and i can c** quite easily from being eaten out, so it doesn't usually last that long anyway.
The other day he went out with some of his friends to a strip bar (which p***** me off a bit) while i was at an office party, but i had to get a ride home with one of the guys from work since my bf had our car with him. Anyway, since i had been drinking a bit and was a bit irritated with my bf, me and the guy from work stopped in a dark driveway and had s** in the car just before he dropped me off at home which was unexpectedly almost the same time that my bf arrived back as well. At first i was scared to death that he would notice my nervousness or smell something about me but he was just a bit too drunk for that and was also very h**** (not surprising).
Almost as soon as we were inside our apartment my bf started getting trying to get my panties off so he could go down on me, but i knew he would know straight away what i had been doing. He wouldn't wait for me to have a shower, so instead of trying to distract him which was obviously not working, i just pulled him on top of me and used my legs to pull him in. He only lasted about two minutes before he was also c****** inside me. I remember thinking that it was the first time i'd ever had two loads of c** in me, and that's when i started getting turned on by the idea of making him go down on me afterwards.
I was so turned on and felt guilty at the same time as i looked down watching him licking up the unusually large quantity of c** out of me that i came harder and faster than ever before, and ironically he looked quite pleased with himself too.
I've never told him, and i've never done it again, even though the idea excites me, but i think i was just lucky that events turned out the way they did or he probably would have bust me.

Jan 18, 2012

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  • This is hot.

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