Please help, I f***** up

I met a girl on facebook (Cassie) and we became very close. She told me all her secrets and I told her all of mine. Another one of my close friends (Millie), told me a really big secret and I told Cassie the secret. She promised she wouldn't tell anyone. The next day her friend (Ann) came over and went through Cassie's inboxes. She then told EVERYONE everything I had said about them. Now, I can't even have a facebook account because I get so many threats and cyber bullying. i can't stop thinking about it, everyday I cry and threw up, scream and result to self harm. Everyone on facebook is posting statuses about me, pubicly using my name and saying how much of a backstabbing b**** I am. I know, I f***** up. I shouldn't of talked about people behind their backs and I've learned my lesson. Still, what's done has been done, and I'm a nervous wreck and I even have to move schools now because otherwise the bullying will continue. I feel so guilty and lonely, I lost one of my best friends, Millie. i don't know what to do, but if you're here to tell me that I'm a backstabbing b**** or insult me, it will just make things worse. I want advice. I've deactivated my facebook. Any suggestions on how to fix things or how to live my live. I am so lonely and confused, any suggestions will help . Thanks.

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  • Nobody deserves to be bullied or made to feel bad like this, and there are people out there to help - parents or teachers might be able to help too. Talk to someone. You can report cyber-bullying to facebook as well or google for advice and help about it - there's loads of great sites out there.

    The other advice people have posted here is great too - apologies and give people time to forgive.

  • If you're being cyber bullied talk to someone - googling cyber bullying help will help you find people who can help. Childline ( offers online access to counsellors and advice which is private and free.

  • the way to fix it is to apologize and humble yourself before your friends. show them you are sincere and they will forgive you-probably won't forget though.

  • Well all I can say is that in the short term high school may seem like a lot but once you leave your school and town you'll forget about all the misery. Another thing is, when your outcasted you grow, so even if your in a lot of pain now, you'll be growing, and in life thats all that really matters.

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